Sean Paul Has A Serious Message — And Another Hot Video

Paul says 'Temperature' is 'about ladies, as usual,' but he covers new ground with 'Time Rolls On.'

LOS ANGELES — With "We Be Burnin' " still burning up the charts, Sean Paul plans to keep the heat wave going with "Temperature."

"It's about ladies, as usual," the rapper explained. "[I'm] telling the ladies I got the right temperature to keep them warm."

Although the song was inspired by the sweltering heat of his native Jamaica, Paul went to a place better known for cooler weather to make the video.

"We just shot the video with Little X in Canada," he said. "In the video we go through different months, and we just show you the temperature is getting hotter and hotter."

When he's not melting the ladies, Sean Paul is hoping to carry a deeper message with some of his tracks, such as "Never Gonna Be the Same," a dedication to a close friend he lost earlier this year.

Equally emotional is "Time Rolls On," which was recorded over a year ago (see "Sean Paul Spurns The Big Time, Tackles 'Deeper Social Issues' ").

" 'Time Rolls On' is my most political piece so far," Paul said. "It's not on my album because people didn't support it. My own team was saying that's not going to sell. So I got a deal out with Target stores 'cause it's my self-expression and I want people to hear it. There's verses in it that say, 'Muslim and Christian, Buddhist and Hindu, Rastafari and Jew/ Will we ever share one God?/ Bloods and the Crips, all these poli-tricks ... the blood is on your hands.' "

Even though he's not exactly known for serious lyrics, Paul wishes they were more prevalent in hip-hop.

"I know some very political people who rap, and they say very political things and they'll never get a deal," Paul explained. "I think it's just because people don't see money in it, and they're afraid sometimes [of] the truth these kids are saying. So I'm trying to do conscious music ... to remind people that we are human beings that socialize and try to have a good time instead of animals at war."

"Time Rolls On" is Paul's first attempt at politically driven lyrics, though it's not the first time he's faced roadblocks with his music.

"A lot of people put barriers in my music in that they cannot understand what I'm saying," he said. "I like music when it makes you feel. ... I appreciate music even though I don't understand what they're saying."

Despite a few obstacles, Paul's goal is a simple one: "I just want to be in the music industry as long as possible."