Manager: INXS Not Breaking Up

Countering recent Australian media reports, which suggested that

INXS would be breaking up in the wake of singer Michael

Hutchence's November suicide, the band's U.S.-based manager, Martha

Troup, released a statement earlier this week that read: "It had always been

planned that 1998 would be the year for individual projects and activities for the

members of INXS. This has not changed. Also, there is definitely more in store

for the band." Troup had previously told SonicNet Music News that there

were well over 40 unreleased songs by the band, and a source at their

Australian P.R. company, Big Media Party Ltd., said earlier this week that the

band's members are all currently involved in various solo and side-band

projects. A solo album by Hutchence, produced by Black Grape's

Danny Saber and former Gang of Four guitarist Andy

Gill, is expected to be released this year.