Ciara: The Queen Bee Of The Little Madonnas

Singer plays volleyball player in 'All You've Got,' due next summer.

NEW YORK — It's not enough to be the First Lady of Crunk & B — Ciara, like so many other singers, wants to show us she can act.

Ciara plays the queen bee of a high school volleyball team called the Little Madonnas in the coming-of-age MTV film "All You've Got" (formerly called "Rumble"), even though she had no prior experience with the sport. What she does relate to is her character Becca Watley's emotions and life situation.

"When I was 14, I was trying to figure out what I was going to do," Ciara said. "She's 16, but she doesn't know, either. And her dad never attends any of her games. A lot of the other girls have support, and that kind of bothers her. My parents weren't able to attend all of my things either, they had a hectic schedule, and that kind of got to me a little bit, too. I understood what they were doing, but I still wish they could have been there."

Ciara's figured out a way to rectify the problem in her own life — she now flies her parents to be with her at important events, such as when she accepted a CosmoGirl! Born to Lead award on Tuesday in New York. "It's all good; they're here with me now!"

The rest of relating to Becca, though, is all acting. To compound Becca's family problems, her team runs into trouble when the school burns down, forcing the Little Madonnas to transfer to their rival school and join its team instead. That would be hard enough, but then race and class start colliding, since the Little Madonnas (save for Ciara's character) are privileged white girls from the Valley, and their new school is ghetto by comparison. And that doesn't make any of them very happy.

"Yeah, my character's got an attitude," Ciara said, "and it was hard for me, I must say, just to be in rehearsals and be like, 'OK, I'm mad!' It's very intense, but it's fun, too. There's a great message behind it. The real moral of the story is that you can have everything and still be unhappy. It's the little things that count."

"All You've Got" will air on MTV next summer, and will then be available on DVD.

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