‘Basic Instinct 2′ Demands Closer Inspection

Long-in-the-works 'Risk Addiction' due in March.

Attempting to get a closer look at the sort of thing most movie stars would never expose, you lean in closer. The thought of an overly sexed Sharon Stone captures your imagination, and incessant, tawdry rumors have brought you to the point where you’re paying close attention to every tiny detail, watching and waiting as tidbits peek out and then go back into hiding — hoping that eventually, it will all be fully exposed. Yup, you’ve been here before.

This time, however, it isn’t the scandalous legs of Stone that you’re exploring. Instead, it’s the top-secret filming of “Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction,” the long-gestating sequel that has been shrouded in secrecy. Now, leading man David Morrissey is exposing both Stone and the movie with a rare sneak peek of the second chapter, due in theaters next March. So go ahead — lean in and read along — but don’t stare too hard, or you might go blind.

“It’s a sexual thriller, and sex plays a big part in the film, as it did in the first,” grinned Morrissey, a 41-year-old British actor, trained in Shakespearean theater and best known to American audiences for supporting roles in films like “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.”

“Risk Addiction,” which Morrissey, Stone and co-stars Charlotte Rampling and David Thewlis shot earlier this year, was overseen by “City by the Sea” director Michael Caton-Jones. According to the star, the film will have an equal level of steaminess as the controversial 1992 original.

“[Stone, returning as author/ice-pick enthusiast Catherine Tramell] now lives in England, London, and she’s now married to a footballer — or a soccer player, as you’d say in America,” Morrissey said. “The film starts with them driving along and they have a car crash and the car goes into the Thames, and he drowns. And, of course, that is the plot of the book that she wrote.”

“So she’s arrested,” he continued, “but before she goes to trial she has to go through a criminal sort of psychoanalytical process, and I play the psychoanalyst who does that. [But] she never goes to trial, she gets off in pretrial, and then she finds the analyst and she wants to come into therapy. And he lets her come into therapy, because he’s fascinated by her, and that’s when it all starts.”

A decade and a half after Stone created the iconic film character, the actress finally circumvented the legal entanglements that had held up the sequel for so many years. Without the involvement of original male lead Michael Douglas, however, Morrissey stepped in as the new character Dr. Michael Glass. Asked about Stone’s thoughts as she returned to the role that made her famous, Morrissey insists that if Stone felt pressure, she hid it with a poker face so convincing that it would make Catherine proud.

“If Sharon was nervous, she didn’t show it,” Morrissey remembered. “It’s a role she’s done before, so she’s very familiar and that freed us up more than anything else. It was a blast from start to finish.”

The actor added that he was able to similarly avoid sequel pressures because writers Leora Barish and Henry Bean made the sequel so different that Morrissey didn’t feel like he was stepping into Douglas’ footprints. “Catherine Tramell is a character we know a lot about already, since we’ve seen the first film,” he said. “What the writers have done in the sequel is they have given her a lot of surprises, so I think maybe she comes from left field every now and again in the story, which is good. As far as me working with her as that character, you just approach it like any other story really. It’s very different, very different settings, very different types of story lines [than the first], so no, I wasn’t intimidated. It’s a great story.”

The film is expected to be rated R, and Morrissey promises that like the first “Instinct,” there’ll be plenty of sexy moments worthy of further inspection with the aid of the pause button on your DVD player.

“There’s the obvious scenes, the sexual content scenes,” he admitted, before adding that his favorite scenes to shoot barely necessitated the two actors touching. “The steamiest scenes are the scenes in the therapist’s office, where they are both goading each other.”

“It’s sort of a mental stimulation between the two of them, as well as a physical one,” he continued. “And they play with each other’s heads, so they sexually play with each other both in their words as well as in their actions. And they are the hottest scenes for me when they’re playing sexual games with each other but verbally, not just physically.”

Finishing with his brief exposure, the tall, dark-haired star puts his knees together, gets up out of his chair and walks away with a wry smile. It’s not quite Sharon Stone in a white dress, but for information-hungry “Basic Instinct” fans, it’s every bit as stimulating.

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