Fall Out Boy To Tour With Hawthorne Heights; Secret FOB Gigs Also In The Works

'They're really good dudes and an even better band,' Fall Out bassist Pete Wentz says of Hawthorne.

These days, it's incredibly difficult to get ahold of Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz — it seems he's having a few problems with his cell phone. And we're not talking about dropped calls or digital roaming charges. This is a cellular catastrophe of an altogether different nature.

"This band From First to Last gave out my telephone number in one of their songs," Wentz laughed. "My mailbox is always full now. But I totally posted one of their numbers on our Web site, so it's cool."

Things have been more than cool for Wentz and the rest of FOB lately. From their sold-out shows on the Nintendo Fusion Tour to their "TRL"-topping sophomore video, "Dance, Dance" (see "Fall Out Boy Get Into The Teen Spirit For Homecoming 'Dance' "), they've been riding high, and they're looking to keep that momentum rolling into 2006 with a handful of secret shows and a brand-new tour made in emo-punk heaven.

"We're doing three secret shows later this year: one on the West Coast, one on the East Coast and one in the Midwest," Wentz explained. "Then, in the spring, we're going out with Hawthorne Heights and probably one more band. We're going to be playing places with a ton of general-admission space so we can get as many kids out there as possible."

Fall Out Boy are actually good friends with Hawthorne Heights, having first played together when both bands were in their infancy (and Hawthorne were known as A Day in the Life). And the two acts logged plenty of bus time on this summer's Warped Tour (see "Backstage At The Punk-Rock Circus"). Now they're both rocking breakthrough albums, so Wentz said fans can expect a big-time rock extravaganza.

"It'll be a blast. We hung out with those guys all summer long, and they're really good dudes and an even better band," he said. "It's going to be rad. We're going to be pulling stuff like we did the other night on the Fusion Tour, where it was Halloween and Lucasfilm sent over 20 stormtroopers and 20 Jedis and Darth Vader and they came out to 'The Imperial March.' It was nuts."

By the time the FOB/ Hawthorne tour gets under way, Wentz said that his band will have shot two new music videos, one for "Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year" and one for another track.

"We're going to do one really low-fi video and one big-budget one," he said. "I'm not sure which will go with which, but we've got some time, so I'm sure we'll figure something out."

Neither Fall Out nor Hawthorne's labels (Island and Victory Records, respectively) would comment on the possibility of the two bands hitting the road together. And Island had no idea which single Fall Out will be releasing next. But Wentz swears that it's all "100 percent" going to happen, though he can't guarantee the on-tour cameos by the stormtroopers and Jedis.

"Oh, man, I don't know about that. Maybe we'll just get a bunch of the bands that we're friends with to make appearances," he joked. "Like, rappers do that all the time, so it's time we stepped our game up."