Working with Puff was like working with anybody else. We went for a job, completed the job. Said we hope this is a hit and left.

SonicNetGuest: Hey people! This is your girl Lelee,

from SWV. I hope you all are here to have a good

time because I am. Keep your s%%%% real and lets have a good

time. I am going to give it to you as real as it comes so

don’t be afraid.

LKdaQueenB : I am a big Lil' Kim fan, as well

as an SWV fan. Lil' Kim has received some

criticism about her overly-sexual songs, videos, etc. How do you

feel about this?

Lelee: I love Lil’ Kim, I think that

more women need to come out like that, if they want to, instead

of being closet cases hoe's in disguise.

Ceedawg: Lelee, are you married?

Lelee: No. I want to get married.

Astro213: Was Release Some Tension

worked on before New Beginning Just because they

came out on each other's heels?

Lelee: No. We did Release Some

Tension in about 3 weeks. The record company didn’t

want to wait as long as we waited between the first and second

album to release another album.

Superman_08: Why u look so good? Damn man you

make me go crazy!

Lelee: Thanks to MAC and Iman. (lol)

Banx5 : SWV, what was it

like to work with Puff Daddy?

Lelee : Working with Puff was like working

with anybody else. We went for a job, completed the job. Said we

hope this is a hit and left.

Anmat : Does SWV plan to

take any concert tours to Africa in the future?

Lelee: I hope so. It would really be a

wonderful experience.

SonicNetHost: Which country would you most

like to visit?

Lelee: Ethiopia.

GilletteXL98: How did you guys meet each


Lelee: We grew up together. We originally

were a gospel group. But decided to sing R&B. To make a long

story short, we knew each other already.

Forevertbozsguy: Is it true that you almost

wound up being called TLC but the real TLC beat you to the

copyright to the name?

Lelee: Yeah. Somewhat.

Smoothonice: SWV, planning

any more collaborations with Michael Jackson after "Right


Coko: No.

YrSelf: Will you come to Sweden and Europe


Lelee: Why you want to see me?

Seriouslythough: What are the plans for the

future? (Around 2-3 years from now)

Coko: I'm doing a solo project.

SonicNetHost: What's it like to be famous?

Lelee: Are we famous?

Endymion17: You females are babes. Just

wanted to know how you started singing?

Coko: I started singing in church.

Lelee: Same. Around the house. And anywhere.

Cowboy_new1: Do you ladies have problems

choosing which guys are gold diggers and which ones are for real

because of your popularity?

Coko: Very much so. They all gold diggers!

Raehtzer: What is your favorite part of


Lelee: Seeing everybody happy.

Babydoll_1234 : What CD is the song

"Weak" on?

Lelee: Its About Time. You must NOT be a SWV


Faces411: Do you listen to jungle and drum?

Coko: I do.

Foxydaisy96 : I was wondering well how do you

become a singer because I have been really wanting to become a

singer so if you could give me some advice that would be cool.

Coko: Don't do it.

Lelee: Sleep your way to the top.

CEMass: What do you think of Aaliyah and have

you ever worked with her?

Coko: She's cool. And no we never worked with


Ziggystardust_00: What size bra do each of

you wear?

Lelee: They call me little tits. I am 36 A in

reality but to make myself feel good I buy a 36 B.

Coko: None of your business.

SonicNetHost: Are you all religious? What

inspired your latest holiday album?

Coko: Yeah. We are. It was the label’s


Wyze_One: What's the dilly yo?? Who do you

want to work with who you haven't yet?

Coko: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Dacartel: What do you look for in a guy?

SonicNetGuest: Coko & Lelee: Money,

mansion and a Mercedes. The three M's.

Poison233: Did you go through a lot of

lessons to learn how to harmonize as well as you do?

Coko: No. Not as many as we should.

AlienSaver: Should Bill Cosby support his

wayward daughter?

Coko: Hell no.

Lelee: No, but he should support me.

Cybrella : What's your favorite Christmas


Coko: "Christmas Just Ain’t

Christmas Without The One You Love."

Wyze_One: What's Redman really like in

person? Is he as bugged as he seems?

Coko: We love him.

Lelee: He stays high all the time but he gets

the job done.

Eastside_x2 : Y'all hang with playas?

Coko : Playas?

Lelee: What's playas?

AlienSaver: Do you like cake?

SonicNetGuest: Coko & Lelee: Yes.

SonicNetHost: What kind?

Coko: Chocolate.

Lelee: Banana.

So_cute98: What is it like to raise a family

and be in the music business?

Coko: Its very hard. A lot of stress.

Forevertbozsguy: Your honest opinion: Tupac

-- dead or alive?

Coko: Alive.

SonicNetHost: Do you know for sure?

Coko: No I don’t know for sure.

Ceaser_Degenero: Hi, I really enjoy your

music. From your first album, until your latest one. Your style

has changed a lot. To what do you attribute that?

Coko: The record company.

MATTIAS_FROM_SWEDEN: What about your

Christmas album. Do you do any traditional songs on it?

Lelee: Yes, buy it and see.

Playaj_97: How did you get your record


Lelee: We begged the record company and they

felt sorry for us. So they signed us.

Ronny_27: Do you find time to socialize?

Coko: I do.

Lelee: No. I don’t.

Papergirl79: Would you always remember my

name if I told you I wanna lose my virginity during


Coko: "Weak." What’s your


Def_Spice: Do you like tall men?

Coko: Ahh yes. My boyfriend is 6'9."

Lelee: I don’t got no God damned


Sask_rider2: Was school important in any of

your lives?

Coko: Yeah, yeah. I dropped out and I went

back and got my high school diploma.

Lelee: I dropped out and I ain’t going


SonicNetHost: That's great. What got you to

go back?

Coko: Oh yeah that is true my son.

Dcs_98: Have y’all ever thought about

making a movie like the Spice Girls did?

Coko: We would love to. Actually we would

love to be the Spice Girls.

Cowboy_new1: Would you marry a 15 year old

white boy in NC?

Lelee: If he have the three M's. Money,

mansion and a Mercedes. Just joking.

Trumpdogg: COKO were you AZ's video "Hey


Coko: Yes. I was.

MATTIAS_FROM_SWEDEN: What do you think about

BLACKstreet? Aren’t they great?

Coko: Yes they are. They are the best.

MATTIAS_FROM_SWEDEN: Have you worked with

Babyface (except for that song on Waiting To Exhale


Coko: No.

SonicNetHost: What's your favorite song on

the new album?

Coko: "Rain and Come" and "Get


Revolt22: I would like to know why did u come

out with a 3rd album so soon after the 2nd and what

made you go more hip hop? I think the 2nd album was

the best. and do you all have any beef with Mary J?

Copko: We think the second album is the best


Coko: No we don’t have beef with Mary J

Blige. Lelee is sweating her.

Lelee: I love Mary. I used to date one of her


Raehtzer: What has been your favorite part of

your career?

Lelee: Being able to provide for our


Coko: The recognition.

Wyze_One: Who were your influences?

Lelee: Anybody who ever made a record.

ILUVSWV: Are you willing to meet a big fan of

yours like myself for a talk and some pictures because you are my

favorite group in the world. I would really like to meet you


Coko: Where are you?

Tanya101: Which is you favorite male-group?

Coko: Jodeci. Forever.

Shhh_1997: I like the song "Weak."

Does the song really reflect your personality when you see your

loved ones?

Coko: Nah.

Lelee: Hell no.

Wyze_One: What's up ladies the "Your the

One Remix" was one of the baddest jams last summer, how did

you hook up with Smoothe, Trigga, and The Lost Boys?

Coko: It was Alstar's doing (the producer).

Tink_17_Tink: What is your guys favorite

group or artist?

Lelee: Anybody who ever made a record. I

don’t like Marilyn Manson. His music needs to be banned and

he needs to be behind bars.

Dcs_98: How do you feel being rich?

Coko: We are not rich.

Lelee: Don’t let the hype tear you up.

Kingpen27: Are you girls the freaks you make

out to be?

Coko: What the? Who said that? I am not a


Lelee: I am. I am always willing to do

something at least once. Except taking it in the butt.

MATTIAS_FROM_SWEDEN: How was it to back at

Q's "Jook Joint?"

Coko: It was really cool.

SonicNetHost: Will you be putting out a

holiday album every year?

Coko: No.

Lelee: This one will be a classic.

Koolhandz: Hey Coko, are you still seeing my

man Dennis Scott?

Coko: Coko I was never seeing Dennis Scott.

That was Taj. I'm seeing Vin Baker from the Seattle


Trumpdogg: SWV, do you know

if Nas has a girlfriend?

Coko: Yeah he do.

girl_12f : What are your favorite states,

countries or provinces of the world?

Coko: Hawaii.

Lelee: Atlanta.

Jamel9679: When will SWV be

on tour?

Lelee: We don’t know.

SonicNetHost: Are you girls going home for

the holidays?

Coko: We are home. But I am going to Seattle

for New Year's.

Pogo_Joe: What do you guys think of GURU?

Lelee: We don’t think.

CANDYBOMB_99: Do you like Mase and Puff


Coko: No comment.

Lelee: I'm sick right now of Mase and Puff

but I respect them as artists.

SonicNetHost: So we found someone you don't


Lelee: No we like them. We just tired of

seeing them.

Forevertbozsguy: Was there any concern over

the lyrics to "Downtown?"

Coko: No. We knew everybody would like it.

Lelee: That song was the truth. The whole

truth and nothing but the truth.

SingALuvSong4U: Are there a lot of rivalries

between you and other female artists or is it all good?

SonicNetGuest: Coko & Lelee:

Its all good.

AZTEK_: Any plans to tour California soon?

Coko: We just left LA.

CANDYBOMB_99: Do you have children?

Coko: Yes I have one son. Named Jazz.

He’s two.

Lelee: I have two children. A boy and a girl,

9 and 6.

Modeska: Is Jazz Music one of your


SonicNetGuest Coko: Yes. That’s why my

son's name is Jazz.

SaraK21: Are any of you married?

SonicNetGuest: Coko. Not

yet. I’m working on it.

Koolhandz: What are you listening to in your

CD player?

Coko: LSG.

Lelee: Gods Property, Faith, and that it.

Masterfitness: Who came up with the name SWV?

Coko: Our OLD manager.

Papergirl79: I'm planning on being a fashion

designer would you guys introduce my designs to the world?

Nothing hideous I promise!

Lelee: No. We are singers.

Coko: Show me your threads.

Peachez101: Do you think you will ever do a

song with Dru Hill? Cuz you know they're tight and would sound so

good with you.

Coko: Jodeci Forever.

Koolhandz: CoKo what do you think of Digable


Coko: That’s my baby’s daddy.


Sonya7th : Are you planning on launching any

new careers of new singers or groups?

Coko: Yeah. I am.

CEMass: Coko the song with LSG is so tight

what was it like working with Faith and Missy?

Coko: Faith and Missy? They weren’t

there. I was there with Gerald and Keith.

Forevertbozsguy: Any regrets? Something you

would like to do over that you did wrong?

Coko: A new contract.

Lelee: A new beginning.

COKO: Do you like the opportunity to travel?

Coko: Oh yeah. Very much so.

AZTEK_: What projects does SWV

have planned before '98?

Coko: None. (lol)

Da_Killah: What do you do if you have colds

when you perform?

Coko: Sh%t. We suffer. I know I do.

Lelee: Give Blowjobs.

MATTIAS_FROM_SWEDEN: Who is the best singer

L,S or G ?

Coko: I’m not going to say. I love them


Lelee: Gil.

Tha_COLONEL: With all the record making do

any of you try to further your education?

Coko: No. But I am. I plan on it.

Lelee: I would like to go to college. But if

it is anything like high school, I will drop out.

Btr2rrcc: Do you guys use computers at home?

Coko: I used to. My ex-boyfriend took it.

Revolt22: Are y’all doing any of the up

and coming award shows?

Coko: Hopeful, No.

Lelee: Damn those award shows. They are full

of sh%t.

CEMass : Coko what is your

relationship like with Lil' Cease I noticed you thanked him in

your CD?

Coko: He was my little brother. But I cut him

off. (lol)

Jades_fire: What is it like singing on stage


Coko: Beautiful.

Revolt22: Do you plan on doing a gospel


Coko: I do. With my mother.

Lelee: I would love to.

Masterfitness: Do you see the group SWV

in the year 2000?

Coko: No. I don’t see sh*t.

Lelee: No.

Kevin_Mack: Do you like Erykah Badu?

Lelee: I do.

Badbatz: Coko, are you and Vin Baker going to

make a duet? He has a good voice.

Coko: He does doesn’t he? I don’t

know yet. How do you know?

Koolhandz: How did you get Redman to sing on

that record "Lose My Cool?"

Coko: That’s Lelee's baby father.

Rico_Shea: Do you all get into things like


Lelee: NOT.

Coko: Yes. I do.

Playaj_97: Have any of you been to

Indianapolis, In? Please come there if you go on tour.

Coko: We have been there before.

Lelee: Yeah we’ve been there before and

we were robbed You were probably the one who robbed us.

FoLife08: Are you guys satisfied with how

your record company is treating you personally and financially?

Lelee: No.

Coko: No way.

MATTIAS_FROM_SWEDEN: Are there any special

producers/songwriter that you really want to work with on your

next album. (Babyface, Teddy R, R Kelly, Jam)

Coko: I don’t know.

Lelee: The are all going to be worn out by

then. They are going to run out of songs.

Coko : Are you gonna make a solo-album soon?

Coko: Yes. And it will be out this time next


So_cute98: Is Lelee’s baby’s daddy

really Redman?

Lelee: No.

Coko: It was just a joke.

DarkBishop27: Did the deaths of Tu-Pac and

Biggie ( may they both rest in peace) in any way affect any of


Coko: Biggie’s death bothered me a lot.

Lelee: Live by the sword you die by the


SaraK21: Do you think Dion Sanders should

stick with sports and not rap?

Coko: Yeah. Definitely.

Lelee: He is a minister now.

Forevertbozsguy: What label would you like to

kick RCA Victor to the curb for?

Coko: Arista.

Lelee: Sony & Arista.

Bartman311_98: How long are y’all going

to keep making tracks together?

Coko: As long as you'll have us.

Bones_14: What is your opinion of Bone Thugs

-n- Harmony? Do y'all like em?

Coko: I don’t understand them. I think

they ARE SEXY.

AZTEK_: What was the first thing you all

bought with the first big money that you made?

Coko: Cars.

Lelee: Yeah.

JC_Man_o_Steel: How well do you three get

along most of the time?

Coko: Gulp!

Lelee: We have our ups and downs.

Coko: Half we do half we don’t. Lately

its been cool.

Lelee: Ask us next week.

SonicNetHost: What would you be doing if you

weren't singing together -- besides modeling?

Coko: Thank you. But I will be a hair


Lelee: I would be a mortician and a gold


Rico_Shea: Do you think Master P is booty?

Coko: Hell, No.

Lelee: He's Booty with looty.

Coko: He’s fine.

JC_Man_o_Steel: What are your goals for the


Coko: Umm.

Lelee: We want our own company.

Coko: I want to be Legend. A respected


Bones_14: Who was your favorite rapper to

work with on your latest album?

Coko: E-40.

Lelee: I could remember that niggaz name.

MATTIAS_FROM_SWEDEN: Do you know that it is

03:52 am in Sweden right now?

Coko: No we didn’t know.

Lelee: No, but you are stupid you should be a


Koolhandz: Why do you ladies say not to

pursue a career in music?

Coko: Its very hard. Its very hard.

Lelee: Its like gambling. Hustling on the

corner. If you don’t sell any records your ass going to be

on the corner any way.

AZTEK_: Can you describe where you are at

right now and do you enjoy these kinds of "interviews?"

Lelee: We are in a junky ass office. With

plenty of people around us. But everything is fun.

JC_Man_o_Steel: I listen to Alternative music

now, but I used to listen to R& B. So I’m wondering do

you girls like the other types of music or do you only listen to

R& B?

Coko: No we listen to all types.

Lelee: I hope you bought our record. You

don’t have to listen to it. Just buy it

Revolt22: Do y’all really love singing

and performing or y’all in it for the money.

Lelee: Both.

Coko: Yeah who want to do it for free.

Lelee: Yeah, my kids charge me to take the

damn garbage out.

JuJu_Bug: Which producer did y'all enjoy

working with the most on your last album?

Lelee: All of them.

Coko: I hate everybody.

JuJu_Bug: Are you guys really living large

like everyone in all these videos?

Coko: No.

Lelee: Is a bunch of bullsh*t. Its only for


MATTIAS_FROM_SWEDEN: If you had your own

company, what acts would you like to sign then?

Coko: Me.

Lelee: (lol).

Koolhandz: Did Patti LaBell influence your


Coko: Ya know it.

Rico_Shea: Do ya'll get into the intellectual

side of Rap, like the lyrics?

Coko: No I don’t really listen to rap.

Lelee: I listen to the beat. Except with

Rakim and Biggie. I listen to their lyrics.

Bo: What was your girls very first job?

Coko: I have never had a job.

Lelee: I was working at a supermarket as a


Bdf73: What are the three of you wearing

right now be very specific!

Coko: Bras and panties and three inch boots.

Lelee: A 9.99 shirt some jeans and a DKNY


SilencerPA: Is your hair real?

Coko: Yup. I bought it.

Lelee: You can curl it pull it. Do all types

of sh*t.

Bones_14: What’s your perspective of the


Coko: Sluts and groupies. And guys with AIDS

trying to give it to someone. Uh huh.

CEMass: Do y’all think Busta Rhymes is


Lelee: Sexy and loud.

Koolhandz: What do you plan to do after your

musical careers are over?

Coko: I don’t plan for it to be over.

Lelee: Hustle.

Tina02: What do you all see yourself doing

ten years from now.

Coko: Singing.

Lelee: I don’t know.

SonicNetHost: SWV are going

to wrap it up right now. Thanks all for coming.

Lelee: It was nice talking to you guys even

though some of the questions were shitty and you asked the same

questions Five and six times. But all is GOOD. And thank you so

much for giving SWV much love and taking the

time out to have this chat. Don’t be a stranger go out an

buy the album and get to know us all three times. Merry


Coko: I enjoyed all the questions. Thank you

to all my lovely fans Happy Holidays. And buy my solo record when

it come out too.