We always wear leather underwear anyway!

MODERATOR: Erasure are

setting up right now, so get your questions ready!

ERASURE: Hello from Vince and Andy!

MODERATOR: Where are you guys?

ERASURE: We are in NYC near Tower


MODERATOR: How long are you in New York?

ERASURE: We are in NYC for 4 days.

bambi: How’s things for you in New York?

ERASURE: - Rainy!

Hiho: How long are you in US for?

ERASURE: We are only in the US for 2 weeks.

Topher: E- How do you guys like doing the big

radio shows? Like the one in Chicago, the Q101 Jamboree?

ERASURE: They are a complete nightmare


James: Erasure: You guys

wrote 16 songs and used 12 Is there going to be an EP?

ERASURE: James- There could be.

SA: Erasure, Do you like


ERASURE: We love the food and the name SA!


tour in the Caribbean? Like say Dominican Republic?

ERASURE: We would love to tour the Caribbean.

Faby: Is Argentina in your plans?

ERASURE: Faby- Argentina hopefully in the


shylock: Erasure - What did

you think of Toronto while you were there?

ERASURE: Shylock- We had a very nice time!


"Rain" going to be the next US single???

ERASURE: No the next US single will be

"Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing Me."

moby: ERASURE: When next

single is coming out?

ERASURE: June 27 in the US. "Rain"

will be the next single in the UK.

bambi: Which do you prefer to play? Cowboys

or Indians?

ERASURE: Indians! (Andy)

Topher: Erasure- Who's


ERASURE: A young pygmy girl. (Andy)

Sarah1: Oh no not another young pygmy girl!

She was there for Gene!

DGMage: ERASURE.... What

were your major influences on Cowboy? It seems like the last one

was more experimental, especially in the use of guests like Diamanda

Galas (Not that that's bad, I have a BUNCH of her


ERASURE: Pop was our influence, DGMage.

brenda: Erasure: Have you

met Madonna yet?

ERASURE: No we haven’t met her- we got a


bambi: Would you baby-sit for Madonna?

ERASURE: Yes we would baby-sit for Madonna.

bambi: Which do you think speaks louder than

words?? Sequins or lame????

ERASURE: Lame. (Andy) Fake fur (Vince).

Sarah1: Andy and Vince when are your


ERASURE: Sarah- 4/25/66 (Andy) and 3/7/60


BonoVox: ERASURE--Is there

going to be a video from the Tiny Tour and/or the Cowboy Tour???

ERASURE: The San Francisco show might be out

in the near future.

Faby: Andy, what is your favorite dish?

ERASURE: Garlic soup.

DamianLIV: Why have you been avoiding Salt

Lake City? You have a loyal following here (and quite large one

at that!)

ERASURE: Damian- We haven’t been

avoiding you- just no offers yet!

bambi: If you were asked to appear on the Muppet

Show, which songs would you perform???

ERASURE: Bambi- Magic Moments.

smoke: ERASURE: Have you

ever fallen asleep at a red light while driving a VW bug?

ERASURE: Only on the weekends Smoke.

Hiho: ERASURE: Andy - who is

the biggest influence in your pop career?

ERASURE: Debbie Harry of Blondie.

smoke: ERASURE: Do you enjoy

fresh fruit?

ERASURE: Yes Smoke, with cream.

Dinger: Vince are you ever going to

physically play synths on stage or do you prefer climbing jungle

gyms now?

ERASURE: I prefer climbing to playing.


suzie: Vince: Are you wearing your red


ERASURE: Another one- a new one. Its still

red though!

Patricia6: ANDY: What does your family think

of your Erasure persona?

ERASURE: Patricia6- I got it from them!

DigitalZ: ERASURE: Are you

all big Star Wars fans?

ERASURE: Not particularly Digital.

bambi: Would you ever collaborate with the

likes of Motorhead or Metallica.....for

a wee duet or something?

ERASURE: Bambi- Definitely- especially


bambi: But you’ll have to wear


ERASURE: We always wear leather underwear


moby: Erasure: Best programs

on TV?

ERASURE: I Love Lucy. (Andy)

Hiho: Erasure - What do you

most miss when you are on tour?

ERASURE: Hiho- Bacon sandwiches.

smoke: ERASURE: Have you

ever stalled while going uphill on a moped?

ERASURE: No smoke, I had a serious crush on a

moped. (Vince)

efeind: I know this is a personal question

but top or bottom?

ERASURE: Efiend (Andy) both.

Blurboy: Are both of you homosexual or just

one of you?

ERASURE: Only on the weekends and only the

lower bit.

djbatman: (silly question #1615719) HAVE YOUR


ERASURE: No, what s it like DJ? (Andy)

smoke: ERASURE: Do you enjoy

eating chicken fried steak while renting bicycles?

ERASURE: Smoke- You are WEIRD!

bambi: So what’s in store for tomorrow

night? Lights, dancing, lots of wiggles?

ERASURE: Yes- Bambi- Lights dancing and lots

of wiggles.

kiki: What songs are you doing on the Rosie

O’Donnell show ?

ERASURE: We are doing "Chains Of

Love" and "Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing


Oscar2: Erasure-What about

playing on the Conan O’Brien show?

ERASURE: No offers yet for Conan.

smoke: ERASURE: Do you own

any Martin Denny records?

ERASURE: We have every single one of Martin

Denny's records!

SA: Erasure, Are you engaged

at the moment?

ERASURE: We have several engagements over the

next two weeks!

bambi: When you were lads, was it Fisher

Price or Weebles that did it for you?

ERASURE: Bambi- Weebles


Cheung: Erasure: Besides ABBA

who else did you like in the 70's?

ERASURE: Cheung- The Osmond’s,

David Cassidy, etc..

DigitalZ: ERASURE: Have you

all thought about coming out with a album of just remixes of the

good old oldie's of your songs?

ERASURE: Maybe in the future, Digital.

BonoVox: Erasure--Do you

like the Arch Deluxe or the Chicken

Deluxe better?


Darran: ERASURE - Andy-Do

you still go to the social club in Petersborough??

ERASURE: Yes I do Darren.

DigitalZ: ERASURE: I know

that you are getting a lot of (revolting and rather boring

questions), but do you think you will ever open your own night

club, unless you already have one open somewhere in the UK. But

in the US?

ERASURE: Digital- We cant afford it.

SA: Erasure which club do

suggest me to go in LONDON?


shylock: Erasure - What

books have you read recently?

ERASURE: Shylock- Altered States.


SA: Erasure, Have you guys

ever tried any DRUG?

ERASURE: SA- Don’t go there! (Andy)

BonoVox: Andy--What's your favorite Tom

Cruise movie?

ERASURE: Bono- Top Gun.

Sarah1: What's your favorite kind of ice

cream Andy?

ERASURE: Sarah- Vanilla chocolate fudge.

shylock: Vince - have you ever thought about

upgrading from your clunky old 128K?

ERASURE: Shylock-You are a

bloody cheek!

Cheung: Erasure: Which new

electronic bands you like?

ERASURE: We like Daft Punk.

BonoVox: Vince-- Do you like trance-type


ERASURE: It depends what your on Bono. (Andy)

LSI: What do you think of the Spice


ERASURE: The Spice Girls

love us! They are playing Gay Pride on July 5

and so are we.

mike: Do you mind people starting Erasure

web pages?

ERASURE: The more the merrier Mike.

shylock: Vince - How do you feel about

bootlegging of your concerts?

ERASURE: Shylock- As long as you send me the

royalties send it to MUTE INTERNATIONAL in the UK!

moon: ERASURE What do you

think of Goths?

ERASURE: Who moon? What? I lost the trail!

CowboyTre: Vince or Andy... Do you have fish

for pets?

ERASURE: We have fish for dinner- Fish


LSI: ERASURE: What's next

after touring and the such???

ERASURE: A nice little holiday, Caribbean- if

we can.

bambi: If you could open your own Disneyland-esque

amusement park, what would be the main attraction, and what would

you call it?

ERASURE: Bambi- It would be a room full of

giant wooden crabs and you would have to get round all the

snapping arms.

bambi: Who would you want to play at your

wedding reception?

ERASURE: Bambi- Leo Sayer.


kal: How about a duet with Deborah Harry in



neverneve: Vince & Andy, I always thought

you should remake Wonderwoman and last night you

(Andy) sang a few lines...go for it!

ERASURE: Right on Neve!

Sarah1: Hey Vince what time were you born?

I’m looking up your moon.

ERASURE: I have no idea Sarah- I was too

small to remember.

kal: Vince, What happened to your eyeglasses?

ERASURE: I had the operation.


Andy...What's the most difficult song for you to sing?

ERASURE: Corleone, on this tour


Yvette: Andy, what's your favorite song to


ERASURE: Yvette- "Boy."

Faby: Erasure have you any


ERASURE: 1sister, 2 brothers (Vince) 4

sisters, 1 brother. (Andy)

Cheung: Erasure: Which gig

did you most hate to play?

ERASURE: Chueng- Don’t know we love them


bambi: What’s a good hangover cure?

ERASURE: Bambi- Another stiff drink.

kal: What's your favorite color?

ERASURE: Turquoise. (Andy)

Cheung: Andy: Why did you say Nick

Cave looks like a new-Johnny Cash?

ERASURE: Cheung- Cause he looks like him.

BonoVox: Andy--Have you ever any formal voice


ERASURE: No formal voice training.

kal: Do you guys like to fish (like on Run

To The Sun cover art)?

ERASURE: No we do not fish.

Cheung: Erasure: Orb,

Orbital, Kraftwerk, you did

companies, which better?

ERASURE: Cheung- Kraftwerk.

bambi: Do you find wearing kilts scratchy??

ERASURE: Bambi- Only if they are made of


kal: Have you ever made balloon animals?

ERASURE: We can make snails and worms and


Dinger: SNAILS.......what about "BRIAN??

ERASURE: Brian crept off.

mike: Vince , Do you like the Beatles?


Patricia7: Andy & Vince: What do you do

to prep for a concert? Do you get nervous before shows?

ERASURE: We are very nervous we drink A LOT!

birdman: Erasure: What,

exactly is you vocal range?

ERASURE: Up and down Birdman- from C to C!

LSI: **Andy - stop smoking** Be easy on


ERASURE: LSI start smoking you will enjoy it!


"E"Freak: ERASURE:

Aren't you tired from all the traveling?

ERASURE: Yes we are tired of traveling and we

are sorry but we have to go now- We have an in store at Tower.

It was nice talking to you! Lots of love! Bye!