Beastie Boys, Dust Brothers Get Their Hands On Beck's Guero

Guerolito, a remixed version of the album, is due December 13.

Great news for all you Beck completists out there: Pretty soon you'll be able to own his Guero album again — but this time in convenient, remixed form.

That's because on December 13, he'll drop Guerolito, a fully reworked version of his latest album, featuring remixes by the Beastie Boys' Ad-Rock, the Dust Brothers' John King and Scottish electronic duo Boards of Canada, among others.

Though a full track listing for the album has yet to be finalized, Guerolito will reportedly combine remixes previously released as B-sides (like Boards' reworking of "Broken Drum" or the infamous "Ghettochip Malfunction" version of "Hell Yes" by 8-bit) and brand-new versions of Guero tunes to make one seamless, track-by-track reconfiguration of the album. Even the artwork will undergo a major overhaul.

Of course, subjecting his songs to the remixing whims of others is nothing new for Beck, who's been doing it for years, turning tracks over to everyone from Aphex Twin to Japanese electro-wizard Cornelius, though he's drawn particular inspiration from the so-called "Nintendocore" remix scene that's sprouted up in New York and Los Angeles over the past year (basically low-budget, glitchy reworkings of tunes done using a rewired Game Boy).

"We did an EP of remixes with a couple of artists — 8-bit and Paza — who use the sounds and the engines of retooled Nintendos, so you can write your own music with it," Beck said in a statement. "It's something that I felt a connection with, just coming from that whole home-recording, four-track world," Beck said. "It's the equivalent of that in the electronic-music world. There's all kinds of people making music. I mean, those are always my favorite electronic sounds. We were always in the studios always trying to get my keyboard to sound like a video game."