The Orb

THE ORB: Take a famous song. Sample it, and then tell everyone. If that doesn't get you noticed...Synergist: MTV!


pepe Where is Thomas?

THE ORB Thomas is in Berlin making lists. He is good at that.

Gargantua What about Chemical and Underworld?

THE ORB We are going to do Organic with Chemicals and Underworld, and then 6 other gigs with Chemicals.

base I'm wondering what sort of relationship you had with Kris Weston. In interviews, and in general, he always struck me as the boy wonder or something.

THE ORB He always had to work with someone else.

base Meaning he couldn't handle it himself, or he wasn't creative enough to produce solo tracks?

THE ORB He was just too young.

Irie-One What American techno bands do you like?

THE ORB I don't know about techno. I like a lot of Andrea Parker.

Gargantua Subway submarines?

THE ORB Not us, but Phil our roadie loves them. It's all he eats.

KevArnold Are you going to conquer America or leave that for Prodigy?

THE ORB The Prodigy are doing a very good job of it at the moment.

Gargantua Would you like to be part of a big 2000 party?


Irie-One What's your favorite piece of gear in the studio these days?

THE ORB My fingers.

FFreddy Any particular areas you plan to explore in the future?

THE ORB London.

rachel If you could have any one thing in the whole world right now, what would it be?

THE ORB A toilet.

boobert Do you like to tour?

THE ORB Not really.

MARIA What about Orb merchandise?

THE ORB We have one piece of merchandise and Alex has it.

boobert Could you give a budding musician some advice?

THE ORB Don't do it. Get a lawyer.

dave2 What steps can a good regional band take to get noticed?

THE ORB Take a famous song. Sample it, and then tell everyone. If that doesn't get you noticed...

Synergist MTV!

boobert Do you guys have any pets? Do you bring them on tour?

THE ORB I would but there are those strange laws.

dave2 Do you think that DJ mix music has a long-lived future?

THE ORB As long as people are making dance music there will always be a future for DJs.

I am leaving to go to dinner.