Pixies One Fight Away From Finishing New LP, Release Live DVD

Joking aside, leader Frank Black says band is getting along.

Frank Black joked on Tuesday that the first new Pixies album in 14 years is only one step away from being finished.

"I haven't removed enough Kim Deal compositions from it yet," he deadpanned, referring to his former nemesis, the band's bassist and other singer/songwriter. "We'll have a fight about that or something. And of course, in the end I will dominate" (see "Frank Black Says Pixies 'Getting Closer' To Making New LP").

The truth is, Black and Deal are getting along, which is the key to the album Pixies fans never thought possible until the band reunited to tour in 2004. In fact, intra-band scuttlebutt has it that Deal wants to revisit a potential Pixies song that Black wrote for the "Shrek 2" soundtrack, which was abandoned in favor of Deal's "Bam Thwok." (That song never made the soundtrack either, but was finished and released on iTunes.)

"It's an old song that I've written lyrics to a few times and I've never been satisfied with, so Kim has expressed interest in some of that publishing money — I'm just kidding," Black said. "No. Kim said, 'Hey, maybe we should start on that one.' I was very surprised to hear that. I would say that is considerable progress, that she has expressed interest in not only working on a song, but one of my songs.

"I think Kim is a little more afraid of the legacy being ruined, which is fair enough," he continued. "But I think Joey [Santiago] and I are like, 'We're willing. We just want to ride this cash cow into the arena. We're just like, 'Come on, let's just do it, man. We're the Pixies, of course it's going to be good.' And she's all, 'Yeah, but what if it's not good.' So we'll see what happens. We haven't really been able to think about it up until now, because we've been too busy collecting money from all these festivals we do. It takes a lot of counting to get through all that cash."

In the meantime, this week the group released Pixies Sell Out, its first concert DVD. Most of the footage was taken from a show in Belfort, France, on July 3 of last year, although there are also bonus songs from seven other 2004 shows, including Austin City Limits, New Orleans' Voodoo Music Festival, Japan's Fuji Rock Festival, England's Move Festival and Scotland's T in the Park.

"I made one comment in the edit, and that was to remove the shot of the topless gal on top of her boyfriend's shoulders in the crowd," Black said. "[Producers] try to get you involved, but I find with that sort of material ... I kinda just look out of the corner of my eye. If I get too involved then it might never come out."

Black has yet to watch the finished product, but he actually watched the Belfort show just minutes after performing there.

"Whoever it was that was filming the show had a rough cut of the performance on a DVD for us, and we all watched it on the bus and were all surprised that we could look at something so quickly," he recalled. "We all agreed that it looked good at the time. I think it probably was the best filmed performance."

The bonus material on Pixies Sell Out also includes some songs from Coachella, the reunited Pixies' first festival (see "Cure, Pixies Hottest Things At Coachella (Aside From Weather)").

"The show was kind of off/on, of/on, off/on — and much to everybody's relief, especially the promoter's, we did in fact show up," Black said. "And it was [near] L.A., so of course everyone in the audience knew who we were, as opposed to, say, Spokane."

Although the Pixies have been slow in getting their reunion album off the ground, Black has been rather prolific with his solo material (see "Frank Black Covers Elvis, Duets With Ex-Wife On Dylanesque Album"). His follow-up to this summer's acclaimed Honeycomb — which he says will not be called The Sicilian, as he'd previously said, but will be called something else — is near completion and could include upward of 25 songs when it's released early next year.

"They won't all fit on one CD so we technically would have to go over to two CDs, so I don't know," Black said. "Is it really good enough? I might be opening myself up to all the classic kind of criticism. It's either gonna be like, 'He hit a triple, and now it's a home run!' Or it could be like, 'Yes, we all like Honeycomb fine and dandy, but please don't irk us with more of your natural mush.'

"So I need to decide if it's gonna be a self-indulgent epic or if it's gonna be a lean and mean kind of thing," he continued, before adding, "I'm more of a self-indulgent epic kind of guy."

Pixies Sell Out DVD track list:

  • "Bone Machine"
  • "Wave of Mutilation"
  • "In Heaven"
  • "Something Against You"
  • "River Euphrates"
  • "U-Mass"
  • "Cactus"
  • "Ed Is Dead"
  • "I Bleed
  • "Monkey Gone to Heaven"
  • "Hey"
  • "Levitate Me"
  • "Subbacultcha"
  • "Dead"
  • "Gouge Away"
  • "Velouria"
  • "Mr. Grieves"
  • "Crackity Jones"
  • "Broken Face"
  • "Isla de Encanta"
  • "Tame"
  • "Here Comes Your Man"
  • "The Holiday Song"
  • "Where Is My Mind?"
  • "Vamos"
  • "Wave of Mutilation"
  • "Gigantic"
  • Bonus material:

  • "Caribou"
  • "Here Comes Your Man"
  • "Debaser"
  • "Gigantic"
  • "U-Mass"
  • "Crackity Jones"
  • "Nimrod's Son"
  • "The Holiday Song"
  • "Subbacultcha"
  • "Vamos"
  • "No. 13 Baby"
  • "Planet of Sound"
  • "Is She Weird?"
  • "Into the White"
  • "Where Is My Mind?"
  • "Monkey Gone To Heaven (MX)"