Big Daddy Kane Unlaces Dancing Shoes, Puts On Army Boots For 'Ram-Bro' Role

After being saluted at VH1 Hip Hop Honors, rapper says he's focusing on film career.

NEW YORK — It was a moment that made grown men yell and jump up and down like girls at a Scream Tour show: Big Daddy Kane, in all his glory, not only leveling a platinum-tongue assault of classic lines, but taking off his cool for a few seconds and dancing at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors.

The 37-year-old Smooth Operator's brief but potent dance steps were the hands-down highlight of the second-annual awards show, broadcast Monday night (see "Kanye, Snoop, Common Join Ice-T, LL, Big Daddy Kane At VH1 Hip Hop Honors"). He even jumped in the air and landed in a split.

"I want to entertain," Kane said last week at the Hammerstein Ballroom while rehearsing for the show. Kane not only performed but was honored by T.I., the Roots' Black Thought and Common. LL Cool J, Grandmaster Flash, the Furious Five, Salt-N-Pepa, Notorious B.I.G. and the movie "Boys N the Hood" were also recognized.

"I want you to leave there sweating and out-of-breath, saying, 'I enjoyed myself,' " Kane said about performing, whether it be at the VH1 event or on his many dates throughout the year.

Kane looks back on his career with a wide grin. He's proven himself to be one of the greatest MCs ever with his lyrical and delivery innovations alone. Add in his style and you have a Hall of Fame-worthy career.

"A couple of highlights of my career, looking back ... I had fun working on films," said the rapper, who appeared in 1993's "The Meteor Man" and "Posse." "That's really the direction I would like to go further into. I enjoy all the dancing things with [my backup dancers] Scoob and Scrap. That ain't really my thing, but it's fun to do it, you know."

If you're wondering why Scoob was the only original Kane backup dancer to appear at the Hip Hop Honors, Kane said Scrap has been "MIA for about eight years, but I'm sure he's doing fine, and I wish the brother well."

Kane said he doesn't have a new LP on the horizon but is open to making one if the right opportunity presents itself. He has laid down vocals for the new Foxy Brown project (see "Jay-Z Jumps On Three Tracks For Foxy Brown's New Album") as well as the new Kay Slay album.

The Brooklyn native's wish of delving deeper into movies is also starting to take shape: He just finished a flick called "Dead Heist."

"It's an action flick about a bank robbery gone wrong because people inside the bank are infected with this disease," he described. "I play this military cat that's sent in to kill off the people that's infected. ... They got me playing Ram-bro."

Kane did not have a release date for "Dead Heist" as of yet.