Jessica Alba: Coming Soon To A Theater, Video Game And Baby Near You

Actress developing extreme-sport title and a line of baby clothes.

A cover girl, actress and entrepreneur, Jessica Alba is undoubtedly the envy of millions of women. An equal number of men, meanwhile, would love to play around with her for a while. Soon enough, both fantasies will come true.

"I'm developing a video game," the busy star of this week's underwater thriller "Into the Blue" revealed. "We're still in prototype mode, but it's nonviolent and you can basically create your own character."

The as-yet-untitled game will focus on an underground extreme sport and will even allow gamers to participate as Alba herself. "I am going to be in the game, yeah," she said, her brown eyes aglow with excitement. "There's going to be a character that's sort of inspired by me, and I'll voice that character."

The 24-year-old "Fantastic Four" actress was careful to choose which details she could reveal, particularly since the game hopes to capitalize on a sport of which few people are even aware. "It's basically based off a new thing that kids are doing, an X-Games sport that hasn't really become mainstream yet," Alba said cryptically. "It's not like a real X-Games sport yet; it's kind of on the brink of becoming one, I think. And I don't want to talk about it, because I want to come out with the game and show people what it's all about."

Other than those details, the proud mixed-ethnicity actress added that the game will concentrate on several ideals of great importance to her: racial tolerance, nonviolence, and geographical awareness. "I'm going to pick seven cities in the world, because I travel so much and I think there's so many cool, creative people in the world; I want tap into that, and I want to make it racially diverse," Alba beamed. "It's nonviolent; there's no killing."

There is, however, sure to be plenty of killing in another of Alba's upcoming projects, a sequel to the comic-book-come-to-life movie "Sin City." Director Robert Rodriguez, currently hard at work writing the second movie, said last month it will be based on the "City" comic "A Dame to Kill For," which offers only a brief glimpse of Alba's character, Nancy (see "Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino Teaming Up For Exploitation Flick"). While listing the "Sin City" residents (and actors) who would return, the scene-stealing Alba was a glaring omission.

Her fans, however, should be excited to learn that Rodriguez and co-directors Frank Miller and Quentin Tarantino plan to go beyond the comic, in order to assure Nancy some significant screen time. "I'm not really in ('Dame') at all, but I did talk to Frank and I think I might be in 'Sin City 2,' " Alba revealed. "I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and he told me what he wanted to do with the character and it's pretty damn cool."

Pressed for details, Alba once again displayed her ability to parry a question. "I can't say," she smiled. "But it's cool, what I get to do."

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And for those Alba fans looking to follow up some nonviolent gaming and ultra-violent moviegoing with some shopping for baby clothes, Alba had another piece of good news: she'll be overseeing a line of infant clothing. "The baby line is called Authentic Me," she said, "and I'm giving part of the money to a women's shelter and an orphanage, and a girlfriend of mine and I are creating it."

The actress explained she decided to get into the baby business after she went to purchase clothes for her godchildren and kept finding items that were "terrible — they all have baseball bats and soccer balls and are very just bland and pink or blue," she lamented. "My baby line is all about being an individual, and we're going to have little quotes and sayings that empower babies to be individuals, even when they're little babies."

The outfits will feature astrology symbols as well, alongside such positive mottos as "Be true to yourself; live for yourself; love people," she said. "Little poems that my business partner and I come up with, and art and vivid colors, because a lot of baby clothes are done in pastels."

If the Authentic Me babies grow up to become half as ambitious as the woman who designed their colorful clothes, their parents will undoubtedly be pleased.

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