I'm still learning how to do the Lambada.

PAEL How are you guys?

Melvins We are fine! We are on a long-awaited break, but we are getting ready to go on tour soon.

RH Why did you leave Nirvana?

Melvins I was never in Nirvana -- I only helped them out with a demo tape and was a session drummer.

RH What did you do when you heard Kurt died?

Melvins I saw it coming, so I wasn't as surprised as I could have been.

Speedo What is this I hear about a possible tour with Tool?

Melvins It's possible, but not confirmed yet.

PAEL Do you like it when crowds mosh at your concerts?

Melvins We really don't care as long as they don't get up on the stage. I personally don't like it. It gets in the way.

Speedo Did the Melvins really start out as a Hendrix cover band?

Melvins Yeah, when we first started, Mark and I both had to get perms. That was back when we were called Himmy Jendrix.

zardoz Do you love Motorhead? Lemmy says that he just loves the Melvins!

Melvins I love Motorhead! I love Lemmy!

zardoz Do you have a WWW site?

Melvins We like to let the fans take care of that stuff.

Speedo How did you decide to cover Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive"?

Melvins Buzz came up with that idea. I think he's listening to a lot of Floyd lately.

Speedo How do you decide to cover a song generally? You have done such a wide range of covers, from Fleetwood Mac to Flipper.

Melvins Not a lot of thought goes into it, really. Someone says, "Let's do this."

gooch When can we expect a new album?

Melvins Probably not for another year, at least.

gooch Are you friends with Courtney Love?

Melvins Courtney and I don't call each other on the phone. We're acquaintances.

RH What do you think of the Foo Fighters?

Melvins The Foo Fighters are OK, I guess.

PAEL What's your favorite song to perform?

Melvins We just played 70 shows, so I hate them all!

PAEL Do you have a favorite band, besides your own?

Melvins No, I only like myself.

professor What do you think of the shit that is out today?

Melvins The last record I bought was ZZ Top. We've been listening to a lot of country and blues lately.

mrCurmudgeon Can you do the Macarena?

Melvins I'm still learning how to do the Lambada. See y'all down the road, Jack!