New 'Goblet Of Fire' Trailer Gives A Taste Of PG-13 'Potter'

Fourth film in blockbuster series is due in theaters November 18.

Flying horses, butterfly-spouting beauties and the very incarnation of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named await fans in the new trailer for "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," the most revealing glimpse yet of the first PG-13 installment in the blockbuster series.

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Series regulars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson return a few years wiser and with more complicated issues now facing their teenage characters. This time, Harry must compete in the prestigious Triwizard Tournament, while Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes, joining the series) looks for an opening that may allow him to re-establish his evil reign. As if that weren't troublesome enough, Harry will face an even more terrifying situation in preparing for his greatest challenge yet: getting a date for Hogwarts' Yule Ball dance.

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In addition to Fiennes, additional new actors can be glimpsed in the trailer in roles that will no doubt be well-known to die-hard fans of the books. Stanislav Ianevski appears as Quidditch superstar (and object of Hermione's affection) Viktor Krum, while Miranda Richardson ("The Prince and Me") will be taking on the muckraking ways of reporter Rita Skeeter. Brendan Gleeson ("The Village") assumes the hideous visage of incoming Hogwarts professor

Romance, danger and, yes, some rather nasty dragons are in the air in the new "Goblet of Fire" trailer — watch it now on Overdrive.

Mad-Eye Moody, whose terrifying glare will no doubt be firmly fixed upon the activities of the lightning-bolt-scarred wizard and his friends.

Nineteen-year-old newcomer Robert Pattinson will play the dapper Hufflepuff seeker Cedric Diggory, while French actress Clémence Poésy becomes snooty Fleur Delacour and Katie Leung will soon be known to fans as Cho Chang, Harry's first official crush.

Mike Newell ("Four Weddings and a Funeral") takes the directorial reins of the series from Alfonso Cuarón, himself a replacement for the behind-the-camera presence of the first two films' Chris Columbus. "Goblet" is scheduled to bring its magic to theaters on November 18.

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