Ashanti Insists Film About Killing Her Ex Is Actually 'Light' And 'Fun'

'John Tucker Must Die' due out in spring.

If Ashanti can't get her man, she gets her revenge — the singer just wrapped work on her latest film, "John Tucker Must Die," in which she gets to set up her ex for a nasty fall.

"It's basically about this one guy who's dating all these girls in high school, and we find out that we're all dating the same guy," she said.

Ashanti's character, Heather, is a "cheerleader popular chick," one of a trio of girls at the school (which also includes "One Tree Hill" star Sophia Bush) who are taken in by the charms of serial cheater John Tucker, played by "Desperate Housewives" actor Jesse Metcalfe. "We find out in volleyball class," Ashanti said. "We're actually talking about a party, and one girl mentions, 'I'm dating John,' so we end up having this huge altercation. Oh, yeah — we get it popping."

After first turning on each other, the girls realize that revenge would taste sweeter if served to their heartbreaking ex (see "Ashanti Exacts Big-Screen Revenge On Jesse Metcalfe"). At first, they just try to break his heart in turn, by setting him up with the new girl in town, Kate, played by "American Dreams" star Brittany Snow. But their methods get more brutal than that. Like the title says, "We try to kill him in the end," Ashanti said.

While the premise might sound a bit dark, Ashanti stressed that it is a "light, fun" film, "a little more smiley" than her more dramatic turn as a pregnant teenager in her debut film earlier this year, "Coach Carter." Now that she's done both comedy and drama, she's looking to stretch her acting muscles a bit further and hopes to team up again with Quentin Tarantino, whom she acted alongside in ABC's made-for-television Muppets version of "The Wizard of Oz." "I would love for that to happen," she said of working with the famed director. "We're brewing that up right now." And if that doesn't pan out, she has other projects in the works. "There are a couple of scripts we're looking at," she said. "It's all about what makes sense right now."

"John Tucker Must Die," which was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, this summer, is due out in the spring.

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