Fall Out Boy Get Into The Teen Spirit For Homecoming 'Dance'

Singer says band's upcoming videos were inspired by Usher, Hot Heat Heat — and hyenas.

It's entirely possible that every time Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz opens his mouth, he's messing with you.

After all, this is the guy who in previous interviews has claimed that his band draws daily inspiration from the soap-opera strains of R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" series (see "Fall Out Boy Demand R. Kelly Finish 'Trapped In The Closet' Series"). He's also described Fall Out's new video, for the song "Dance, Dance," as a cross between "Closet" and Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (see "Bored With Sleeping In Pools Of Money, Fall Out Boy Plot Secret Tour").

And to top it all off, when MTV News caught up with Wentz at the Video Music Awards — where Fall Out snagged the MTV2 Award (see "Green Day Clean Up, Kelly Clarkson Gets Wet, 50 Rips Into Fat Joe At VMAs") — he gave us this tasty little addendum his earlier statements.

"I would like to say that the 'Dance, Dance' video is now like that Usher video from a couple of years ago that was kind of like 'Thriller' [Ush's movie-within-a-video 'Caught Up'] meets 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' meets 'Sixteen Candles,' " he laughed. "And I know that no one wants to mention 'Thriller' when they're making a video, but that's the video everyone's been trying to make forever. It's kind of like saying, 'Yeah, I'm writing this book, it's kind of like the Bible.' You just don't say that. But I will say that there is a choreographer, there's going to be dancers, it's not going to be something a rock band or an emo band has done before," he continued. "And for people who look at our first video [for 'Sugar, We're Goin Down'] and say, 'Wow, those antlers are weird' ... [they're] going to be like, 'Wow, this is weird.' "

He's not kidding. Despite the general outrageousness of his claims, it turns out that Wentz was telling the truth about the "Dance" video all along, as evidenced by the treatment.

In the clip, which takes place during a high school homecoming dance, the guys in Fall Out pull double duty, donning tuxes and pocket protectors to play dorky attendees and also rocking out as the house band. The video follows them through the events of the evening, including a full-fledged dance-off (hence the choreographer).

The majority of those dancers will be actual Fall Out Boy fans, thanks to an open casting call the band put out through its Web site, FallOutBoyRock.com. But that's not the only subtle touch of realism in the clip: The band is planning to film it at an actual high school in New Rochelle, New York. And, as Wentz said, there's going to be a whole bathroom-inspired level of "sonic realism" too.

"You know in that one Hot Hot Heat video, where the guy goes to the bathroom and the sound changes [sure, that would be the Marc Webb-directed 'Middle of Nowhere'; see "Hot Hot Heat Lament Road Life, Prepare To Hit U.S. Highways"? Well I think that's another thing that hasn't been brought to videos as much as it should," he said. "When the viewer moves through the video, the sound should change. Like, if you're in one room, and the viewer is going to be in another room, the sound should change."

But just how much can Wentz be trusted? It turns out he was giving us the straight dope on the "Dance" video, but listen to what he has to say about his plans for Fall Out's third video — whatever that might be — and ask yourself: Does this sound like a legit idea?

"I had this idea for our third video, which was insane. You know how like gangsta rappers have pit bulls? Like they're walking around with their shirts off and they have pit bulls on chains? I was thinking, 'Man, do you know how hard I would be if I were walking around with hyenas on a chain?' I'd be the hardest dude on the planet!" he laughed. "Hyenas are way better than having, like, lions on a chain, because they have that evil laugh. But then I got to thinking about how much it would cost to get a trained hyena for the video, and if it was even possible to domesticate a hyena. So it might not happen. Who knows?"