Travis Barker's Plus-44 LP On Schedule, But Not On The Clock

Despite the rumors caused by an online countdown, it's still due in the summer.

There's some good news and some bad news about Plus-44, the electronic-tinged side project of former Blink-182 compadres Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker.

First, the bad news: Despite Internet rumors, Plus-44's debut album won't be hitting stores in January, according to the band's management. The good news? Well, just like Barker told MTV News back in May, the Plus album will see the light of day next summer (see "Travis Barker Calls His Plus-44 Side Project 'Way Out There' ") ... which to rabid Blink fans isn't really good news at all. Sorry about that.

"We'll get back to writing Plus-44 songs sometime in October. That's when I have a couple of weeks off before I leave on the Pennywise tour [with another side project, Transplants (see "Transplants Firing On All Cylinders With New Tour, Single")]," Barker told MTV News. "In the meantime, Mark and Carol [Heller, Plus-44's female vocalist] have been writing, and I'll just kind of join back up with them here or there. And then for sure we'll work hard on it for a couple of months starting in February."

The rumors of a January release for Plus' album started over the weekend on Blink fan sites, as many pointed to a mysterious clock posted on, the Web site of the film production company that helmed Blink's 2003 tour documentary, "Riding in Vans With Boys." The clock was counting down months, days, hours, minutes and seconds, and was scheduled to hit zero sometime around January 16, a date which (for reasons not exactly clear) many Blink faithful seemed to believe marked the release of Plus-44's debut album.

"It's got nothing to do with Blink or Plus-44 or Travis Barker or anything like that," Resting Bird's Sam Yago said. "It's something completely different. I can't tell you what exactly it is, but it's something wonderful."

We'll take your word for it, dude. So, without a new Plus album around the corner, what can Blink fans look forward to? How about a performance from yet another Barker side project, a drums-and-DJ collaboration with the future Mr. Nicole Richie, DJ AM (see "Travis Barker Hooks Up With Nicole Richie's Fiance, Makes Transplants Priority"), which Barker said could happen sometime in the fall.

"I have 10 days off between the Warped Tour end and the beginning of the European festivals, so there's talk about doing a show with AM in Los Angeles before I leave. So it never ends," he sighed. "And I've got a shoe coming out with DC in fall, so if we don't play that week, we're going to play the release party for my shoes, which is in August or November or something. I don't really know. I've got so much going right now, I forget."

If Barker seems a bit foggy-headed, you can't really blame him. In addition to his many side projects, he's got an even bigger production on the horizon: The birth of his second child with wife Shanna Moakler. And, not surprisingly, it's got him more excited than anything else on his schedule.

"I've got a little girl coming — I just found out, and she's going to be coming Christmas Eve. Shanna has a C-section [planned], so we can pick 10 days before or after a [target] date, so we're shooting for Christmas Eve," Barker said. "We're leaning toward calling her Tallulah, Tallulah Lynne Barker. My middle name is Landon, so she'll have the same initials as me. I can't wait."