Bow Wow Brings Pretty Ricky On Tour To Keep Girls Screaming

Fans flooded Bow Wow's Web site with postings about the Miami group.

SANTA MONICA, California — It may be earthquake season in California, but according to Bow Wow, the ground will actually be shaking in New York.

"I am really looking forward to [performing at] Madison Square Garden," Bow Wow said. "You always hear about the greats selling [the arena] out, like Jay-Z, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones or Madonna. So fans can call up their grandma in Harlem, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Jersey, Newark and Yonkers and tell them to get ready, because the Garden might fall."

Bow Wow is hyped up for the fourth installment of the Scream Tour, where he will be sharing the stage with buddy Omarion along with B5, Pretty Ricky, Marques Houston and Bobby Valentino (see "Bow Wow, Omarion Team Up For Single And Scream IV Tour").

"It's just that heartthrob feeling," he said. "And that's all that the Scream Tour is; it's giving the girls something to scream about. Every time we do the Scream Tour, it is always based on who is hot, especially pertaining to the audience that we cater to. You know, it's the youth. It's those young girls and who they want to see."

Bow Wow says one act the young girls were adamant about is Miami-based rap/R&B group Pretty Ricky, whose single "Grind With Me" has piqued a great deal of interest. After continuous postings on Bow Wow's official Web site pertaining to the group of four brothers, the rapper and his managers decided to add the group to the lineup.

"They were just coming out, and I was like, 'Well, all right; we will see,' " the 18-year-old rapper explained. "And now the boys got the #2 record in the country, and I am trying to fight them for the #2 record because I got the #3 record. And so it's all love when I see them. I was like, 'They got to come on.' "

"We're gonna give y'all a little something, something," Pretty Ricky's Slick 'Em revealed, describing what he and his brothers have planned for Scream IV. "We're going to have the ice, the strawberries, the whipped cream, the hot chocolate, the hot syrup."

Pretty Ricky may be up for giving fans a little insight into their show, but Bow Wow prefers to keep mum when it comes to the details of his performance.

"I can't give the show away, but the only thing I can say is that we are doing something different," Bow Wow promised. "You never know. Whatever city we might hit, you might see somebody pop up. I always like to think big, and I always like to do something that can make the fans be like 'You know what? I got my money's worth.' So they just got to wait and see. It's going to be a lot of surprises and a lot of shock from the tour. It's going to be a show like they have never seen in their life ever."

Due to the different approach Bow Wow is taking with this tour and his upcoming fourth album, he said the task of choosing which songs to perform was a little harder this time around. But fans aren't likely to be disappointed with the set list. Previous hits such as "Bounce With Me," "Ghetto Girls" and "Take You Home" all made the cut. And now he is ready to get the show on the road.

"The key is in," Bow Wow said. "There is no taking it out now. The ignition is started. We got to go ahead and put the foot on the pedal. It's time to roll and that's what it is and that's how I look at it now. There ain't no turning back."

Scream IV: The Heartthrobs Tour kicks off on July 20 in Trenton, New Jersey (see "Bow Wow, Omarion Roll Out Scream IV Summer Dates").