Kaiser Chiefs Travel The Globe In 'Oh My God' Clip — Wait, They're Lying ...

Video was actually filmed in a studio in London.

Thanks to the success of their single "I Predict a Riot," the Kaiser Chiefs escaped the drudgery of life in Leeds, England, not so long ago. But their next video revisits the time when their dreams of world travel were only that — dreams.

"Oh My God" (which was actually the first video the band ever shot, but is just now hitting the U.S.), takes the Chiefs on an imaginary whirlwind tour of far-off destinations, although the guys claim — facetiously, perhaps — that it was quite real.

"It took three years to film the entire thing!" lead singer Ricky Wilson insisted. "And you know, it's kind of our opus."

To match the verses about the emptiness of spending too much time going nowhere, the bandmembers play at being bored workers in a warehouse of toy instruments. But by each chorus, in which Wilson sings the hook, "Oh my God, I can't believe it/ I've never been this far away from home," they're magically zapped to a different exotic locale: an iceberg in the middle of what could be the Artic, a harem in the middle of the Arabian desert, a sophisticated Parisian-style apartment and an Asian temple on a treacherous mountaintop.

"We go around the world and visit all exciting places, like the snow," Wilson explained.

"The snow — which is a place?" drummer Nick Hodgson asked.

"And the heat," Wilson continued.

" 'The heat' — which is another place?" Hodgson tried again.

"I said, 'I'm not making a video unless I get to go to Morocco,' " Wilson started again, ignoring the comment.

"They said they could have done it in one building and just built the sets," Hodgson said. "But we said, 'No way, Jose,' because his name was Jose."

Actually, the band did film the clip in a studio in North London last summer — and with the limited level of special effects used, obviously so. Despite the fact that the Ker-Chiefs didn't get their travel wishes granted back then, the band was just happy to have fun with all of the wardrobe changes — which included brown worker jumpsuits, white snowsuits, white thobes and all-black suits, with some stripes for Paris scenes.

"We get to dress up like idiots, which is probably what we do best," Wilson said.

The band will have the opportunity to do all that and more when they join the Foo Fighters and Weezer for their North American tour late in September. Dates are expected to be announced soon.