Reality-TV Britney Asks Fans: Can You Handle The Truth?

Spears helped direct the candid 'Britney and Kevin: Chaotic,' which premieres Tuesday.

Britney Spears wants to know: Can you handle her truth?

That's the question she asks on "Britney and Kevin: Chaotic," her upcoming reality show with hubby Kevin Federline, which premieres Tuesday (see "Britney Spears' Reality Show Is 'A Documentation Of Love' ").

(Click for photos from the show.)

But that's not the only question raised. When you tune in, you're going to ask yourself, "Can Britney actually sing? How much makeup does that girl require? And does she ever live a moment that's not on camera?"

The answer to the last question is yes — when she's behind it.

"It was really interesting for me because I'm kind of directing everything," Spears said of the show, which consists of personal video footage shot by her and Federline. "It was cool for me to see me in that kind of light, instead of the focus being on me all the time."

Whether she's in front of or behind the lens, the focus nevertheless remains on Spears and her budding relationship with Federline, the dancer she married in September (see "Britney Spears Marries Kevin Federline"). Much of the video revolves around the European leg of her Onyx Hotel Tour last spring, during which she was joined by Federline; the couple says the use of the camera actually contributed to their relationship.

"We kind of used the camera to get to know each other a little better," Federline said. "It was kind of like we [were] hiding behind the camera, asking these questions that we wouldn't normally ask."

Federline's no Warren Beatty to his girl's Madonna, instead encouraging her to shoot him and ask away. He did, however, help film and edit some of the footage with Spears in a hotel room in Amsterdam one night, telling Spears that this could be "our own little project."

The candid series, which addresses many lingering questions, is sure to appeal to fans. What's Britney's ideal guy? "Somebody that's cool and not really fazed by that much stuff and hasn't really seen that much, because I have, and I'd like to see through him all over again. [Someone who is] kind of sweet and nice and that loves me a lot. I don't care what they look like, I just want them to be ... well, I do care a little bit what they look like."

Kevin also spends time in the spotlight. What does he think about marriage and commitment? "Love is love," he said.

"I didn't know him that well, and when I got the camera out, it made me feel better," Spears said. "It's really weird because it was like all this tension at first. We were so nervous being together. I'm really shy, and when I had the camera in my hand, it made me feel more outspoken. I think it helped at first." Turning to Federline, she said, "So you didn't get to see the real me at first, baby."

The premiere episode, "Can You Handle My Truth," shows Spears' excitement about the then-new man in her life as she documents their first romantic moments together. It premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. on UPN.