'American Idol' Judge Dissed By Finnish Singer In 'Simon Can't Sing'

Sara Nunes song will be available in U.S. through iTunes next week.

Simon Cowell has been saying it to people for years, and now someone is finally saying it to him.

Singer Sara Nunes has scored a hit in her native Finland with a song called "Simon Can't Sing" that calls out the "American Idol" judge for lacking the skills it takes to win the show.

"Simon can't sing/ Simon can't dance," Nunes sings in the chorus. "He doesn't look cool/ And he's not in a band/ But he thinks he looks so hot when he dresses in black."

While Simon's critiques are delivered with a sharp tongue, Nunes has hers planted firmly in cheek.

"It's not meant to be taken too seriously," said the singer, whose voice could be mistaken for Ashlee Simpson's. "It started as a harmless joke, and then it turned out to actually be a really good song."

In fact, Nunes is a bit smitten with Cowell. "The first time I saw Simon I just fell in love with the guy," she said. "He's so cool."

Finland has its own "Finnish Idol"; Cowell is not a judge, but the country also airs "American Idol." "We had to go with the bigger market," Nunes said.

In the U.S., "Simon Can't Sing" will be available exclusively through iTunes beginning next week. Nunes has also serviced the video, which is being played on MTV Nordic, to American outlets.

"We kidnap Simon," Nunes said of the clip. "We have a look-alike Simon guy. And Randy and Paula [look-alikes]. I'm singing to them, and Simon's like, 'This sucks.' "

While Cowell is the subject of the "Simon Can't Sing" chorus, the verses actually attack the contestants and pop singers who use a TV show or a commercial to get their "15 minutes."

"I wrote me a song and it's not about love/ I don't give a damn if you tell me it sucks/ I won't pretend I'm someone else," Nunes sings.

"We're not dissing the whole thing," she insisted. "I'm a fan of the show. It entertains people more than anything else, and I guess that's what I'm doing, so we're on the same track."

On her upcoming album, How 2 Rule Da World in 12 EZ Lessons, Nunes also goes after record companies on "Message 2 the Industry." "Record companies should give more freedom to artists," explained the 23-year-old, who formed Sinamour when she was 15 and scored the first Finnish video on MTV Nordic before going solo.

Other tracks on her album include "Starf---er" and "Britney's Still a Virgin."

"I like Britney — I respect anyone who does what they want to do," Nunes said. "But there's a lot of important things in life. We're also singing about HIV in Africa on the same song, so we're trying to put some things into perspective.

"The record is full of surprises," she added.

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