New 'Batman Begins' Trailer Shows Superhero's Human Side

But don't worry — there are still lots of explosions and stuff, too.

Summer's approaching, and you know what that means: leisurely picnics, lazy air-conditioned nights — and at least one incredibly dark, psychologically challenging and explosion-filled summer blockbuster.

"Batman Begins" is the fifth (or the sixth, if we count last year's execrable "Catwoman") installment in the big-screen franchise, and all indications are that this entry will be as much a journey into Bruce Wayne/Batman's psyche and his tortured past as it will be a high-budget, blow-'em-up thriller. In fact, the most recent full-length trailer (click here to see it exclusively on MTV's Overdrive or watch it on suggests that the film will explore Bruce Wayne's tragedy-filled past (the murder of his parents) and will also delve into his more amorous inclinations, particularly those having to do with old flame Rachel Dodson played by Katie Holmes. (See photos from the movie here.)

Most significantly, though, the film will chronicle how Wayne became Batman in the first place, traveling the globe in search of the means to fight evildoers and protect the weak and innocent.

With a cast that includes Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Ken Watanabe, Michael Caine and a host of other heavy hitters, chances are fair that the weighty subject matter will be handled with aplomb. But don't despair: Judging by the look of the new Hummerified Batmobile, for instance, there will be plenty of high-octane mayhem to keep the thespians and the audience on their collective toes.

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