Missy Elliott Switches Up Her Recipe With The Cook Book

Unpredictable rapper opens her hit kitchen to Kwame and Rich Harrison.

Missy Elliott has switched up the recipe for her long-discussed next album, now titled The Cook Book. For almost 10 years, the formula was simple: Missy + Timbaland = hit singles. This time around, Missy has opened up her kitchen to let even more producers in, including Kwame and Rich Harrison.

Misdemeanor did keep it in Virginia for one of her first tracks. The Neptunes, who Missy has known since way back in the day, collaborated with hip-hop's most unpredictable female for "On and On."

Pharrell Williams does a Slick Rick imitation on the hook, saying "Uuhh on, uuuhhh on ..." on the chorus. Missy comes with her old-school flow, referencing Magnum condoms, giving props to ODB and incorporating braggart b-girl lines like, "When I spit, I blow one or two speakers/ Top model diva but my name is not Eva." The track is drowned in Neptunes' space-bass with cartoon sound effects throughout.

Missy handled the production reins on another one of her records that has just surfaced on the radio. "Lose Control" re-teams Elliott with Ciara and also features Fatman Scoop. Scoop contributes his patented exhortative ad-libs while C sings and raps.

Elliott's record company is still not sure which one of the songs Missy will make her official first single and shoot a video for, and the final track listing is not etched in stone either.

Slick Rick, Mary J. Blige and Tweet are among the others Missy recorded with, along with Mike Jones, who raps on a Timbaland-produced track called "Joy." The Cook Book is scheduled for a June 28 release.