On Her Way Out, Nadia Turner Says Simon Cowell's Still Hot

Ousted 'Idol' singer doesn't regret Mohawk or choice of material.

Miami's 28-year-old Nadia Turner was an early "American Idol" favorite whose raspy voice, spunky fashion sense and star quality had even Simon Cowell singing the praises of this onetime MTV VJ for a Day finalist. However, her unpopular Mohawk sent her to the bottom two three weeks ago, and her penchant for picking semi-obscure songs hurt her chances for recovery. After performing singer Crystal Gayle's "When I Dream" Tuesday, she was eliminated.

MTV: Are you still glad you chose more obscure songs?

Nadia Turner: I actually am. At the end of the day, despite the fact of where I'm sitting, I would have done the same thing over. Really it was about me singing songs that I'm passionate about and staying true to me, and introducing songs to millions of people that maybe hadn't heard them before. Maybe they would say, "Wow, I'm going to find out who sings the original" and just broaden their horizons.

I was thinking about [Fleetwood Mac's] "Go Your Own Way" and then I was like, "You know what? I feel passionate about this 'When I Dream' song, it's something people haven't heard before. And I want to show them that." It probably would have been, in most opinions, the right song to do, but as soon as I start thinking about what the judges want to hear, what's gonna make them like me, that's when I steer away and say, "I'm gonna make them appreciate the art."

MTV: You said before that Simon was your favorite judge because he's hot. Do you still think so?

Turner: I still think he's a good-looking chap, but as far as favorite ... I don't know.

MTV: What inspired you to do the Mohawk, and did you hear from Cyndi Lauper at all? I'm sure she was proud.

Turner: It was funny, while [the producers] were trying to clear the publishing, Cyndi Lauper called one of the people that worked on "American Idol" and said she wanted me to do the song and was thrilled about it.

Mario [Vazquez], when he was on the show, made it very clear he wanted me to try the Mohawk. He even went to look for banana clips so we could experiment with it. And lo and behold, I thought, 'This week I'm gonna do it. It's the perfect song. I can get away with it.' And people either loved it or hated it — there wasn't an in-between.

MTV: Were you surprised to read in the gossip magazines that you and Scott Savol were a couple?

Turner: It's like in six different magazines! What's that about? It's funny, I was out shopping and we had a bodyguard with us and Scott comes with me and this paparazzo comes out of nowhere and Scott is trying to veer me away from it and puts his arm around me saying, 'Let's get out of here.' And if you look at the picture, they cropped the bodyguard and we look like we're on a soiree. We're definitely good friends. There's nothing more.

MTV: Will you return to your Christian rock band, Tool Box, or is a solo career your priority?

Turner: I'll probably be doing both. As for the band, it's a local thing, we do it all over Florida, going to different churches. And I'll be doing my thing also, taking my career to the next level.

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