'American Idol' Recap: Constantine Now Rocker Of Choice, Nadia Like 'Wallpaper'

Carrie Underwood has surprise performance of the week.

It seems everyone has something to say about "American Idol" and MTVNews.com is no different. Here's the latest edition of our weekly performance-night roundup:

April 12 - Theme: Songs from the year each contestant was born

Surprise performance: Carrie Underwood, so far known as the sweet country singer, came out rocking with Pat Benatar's "Love Is a Battlefield" and not only sung the part, but looked it. Kelly Clarkson's successor?

Fashion hits and misses: Scott's denim-on-denim was almost as bad as his getup from two weeks ago. After a few weeks of keeping it buttoned, Anwar opened his shirt again — definitely a miss. Nadia once again looked hot, even if that was all she had going for her.

Judging the judges: Simon rightfully demanded to be heard and then treated fans to some of his best analogies yet. Calling Nadia musical wallpaper ("We won't remember it") was right-on, and describing Carrie as "a little bit like watching a kitten that wants to be a tiger" was at least creative, although maybe not accurate. Paula still loves Scott, which is as puzzling as some of her wardrobe choices.

Best audience sign: "Constantine is the American Idol." Not creative, but could prove accurate.

Who will go: Scott should have gone last week, and unlike Anthony, did nothing to put himself back in the competition. Lucky for him, Nadia's song choice was so poor he has another chance at survival.

Who needs to step it up: Bo is solid, but it's been three weeks since he's been spectacular. To be a favorite again, he needs to reinvent himself.

Who is the one to beat: Constantine has passed Bo as the rocker of choice, but Carrie is still the favorite. Vonzell has suddenly become the dark horse.

Guest judge: After winning last season, Fantasia is certainly qualified to offer her opinion on season four and she definitely has her favorite. "I don't want to get too attached, 'cause you remember I was a big crybaby last year. I know what they go through and I know their emotions, but I really love Carrie. I love her. She's a country singer. She takes all the songs they put up against her and she still does them her own way. You can't take the country out of her. It's so beautiful. She sounds like an angel to me. You my girl, Carrie."

You told us:

I think that Vonzell will be the next "American Idol" winner. R&B music is taking over, and people have to understand that. Since Nikko went home, Vonzell will be the one to hold it down.

TaWanna, 16

Richmond, CA

"American Idol" is really fun to watch. I am enjoying this season. I predict — and hope — that Carrie Underwood will win.

James, 19

Lake Tahoe, CA

This has been the weakest season of "American Idol." We just haven't seen the talent this year that has been displayed in the past, and it has made the show boring. I hope they get it together for next season.

Erika, 18

Houston, TX

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