Don't Have A Full House? Olsen Twins Want To Sell You Beds

Their furniture sets come in City Style and Country Chic.

With their first year at NYU winding down, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are finally getting around to decorating some dorm rooms — just not their own ... because they're rich and don't need to bother with RAs and meal plans and all the other hallmarks of on-campus living.

The twin CEOs are releasing two bedroom-furniture sets: City Style and Country Chic. The solid-birch and birch-veneer designs contain a personalized plate and are priced around $700-$800.

"They are intended to last over a lot of years," said Michael Pagnotta, the twins' representative. "[The sets] aren't so trendy. [They're] not limiting in terms of age ... [but they're] really for children, 'tweens' and teens."

So did the young Olsen women actually take time out of school, the NYC nightlife and their internships to design this stuff (see "Olsen Interns: Mary-Kate And Ashley Pay Their Dues")? Yes, according to Pagnotta: "When they make these decisions, they always try to keep in mind what the fan would like. It's always an expression of what they think is cool. It is classic-looking on purpose, but it definitely has a lot to do with their own personal sense of style."

Manufactured by AP Industries, all 20 pieces of furniture are classically styled. Among some of the products in the City Style line are a sleek sleigh bed; an armoire with molding that can accommodate a TV; a triple dresser with tri-fold mirror; and a vanity dresser that can be used as a desk, with a hutch placed on top of it for schoolbooks.

The Country Chic set includes two tilting mirrors, one vanity and one full-length. The bed is detailed with paneling and the twin size has a trundle.

But the fun doesn't end there for diehard Olsen fans. Once consumers' rooms have been completed, they can send pictures of their boudoirs into the official Olsen twins' Web site, where they will be posted.

Some pieces are already available, and after next week's biannual High Point International Home Furnishings Market industry conference, the Olsens will roll out the line nationwide.