Ashlee Simpson Going '80s, Getting Personal On Next Album

Singer says follow-up to Autobiography will be about her own growth.

Ashlee Simpson has been singing a medley of songs by Madonna, Blondie and the Pretenders on her current tour, and it's given her an idea — why not pull a Gwen Stefani and showcase her love of the '80s on her next record? But unlike the No Doubt singer's lighthearted solo fare, Simpson wants to go a bit deeper.

"This summer, whenever I get off tour, I am going to start writing a new album and kind of focus on that for a little while," Simpson said. "I've been really into '80s music, and hopefully my next album will have that feel to it. I'm really excited to write my new record."

That's because she's been through so much since she released her debut, Autobiography — and not just the infamous "SNL" and Orange Bowl incidents. Where Simpson's first album focused on ending a relationship with one boy and starting one with another (that would be Ryan Cabrera), this album would be less about them and more about her own personal growth. "I feel like I've gone through a lot and I am at a different place in my life," she said. "This time I have dealt with a lot, you know, with myself, more than a relationship, which was the last record. So it'll be cool to go back in the studio and start writing. I've definitely got a lot to say."

Exactly what she has to say, Simpson wouldn't say — but she did mention that she's interested in exploring the making of the new album via a television show, just not "The Ashlee Simpson Show," since the current second season will be its last. "I'm definitely going to keep my fans updated and do a little show or something. I don't know what it's going to be, but 'The Ashlee Simpson Show' has definitely come to its rest. I don't know how much more you could see of me," she laughed.

Until then, those wanting to see just a little more Ashlee will just have to wait till she's on the big screen in her first major movie role, in the upcoming "Undiscovered," formerly called "Wannabe" (see "Ashlee Simpson Trades Spotlight For Supporting Role In 'Wannabe' "). The movie's name change comes courtesy of her Autobiography song of the same name, which will be featured on the soundtrack. The film is due in late summer, and Simpson's already looking forward to finding her next role.

"I'd love to do another movie," she said, "and I'm going to start looking at scripts. I feel like I have a lot of things to learn and I can't wait to research new characters."