My Chemical Romance Cover 'Under Pressure,' Plan 'Big Rock' LP

Band teams up with the Used for charity remake of the David Bowie/ Queen classic.

Despite being on the road with the Taste of Chaos Tour and having a full slate of dates opening for Green Day looming on the horizon, the dark-clad dudes in My Chemical Romance aren't slacking off. They are already hard at work on a bunch of new songs, one of which will be seeing the light of day in the very near future.

The band has recorded a version of the 1981 David Bowie/ Queen fist-pumper "Under Pressure" with their pals the Used. They intend on releasing the track as a charity single to benefit victims of last year's South Asian tsunami.

"It sounds awesome, and now it's just a matter of getting it ready," frontman Gerard Way said. "We've played it live with [the Used on Taste of Chaos], just to make people aware of it, and when it becomes available, all the proceeds are going to charity."

A spokesperson at MCR's label, Reprise Records, confirmed that a studio version of the track has been recorded, and that proceeds from the single will benefit Music for Relief, the charity Linkin Park helped establish in the wake of the tsunamis (see "Linkin Park Establish Charity To Help Tsunami Victims"), though a release date has yet to be determined.

Then there's the matter of a proper follow-up to last year's Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, the LP that is inching ever closer to the 500,000 mark in sales. The band has been writing new tunes in its spare moments on the road, and guitarist Ray Toro — who writes the majority of MCR's music — explained just how far along those new songs are (and in keeping with his band's dark image, he even used the term "skeletons" ... spooky!)

"We've written five to six skeletons of songs. We're trying to get to a level where we can get the songs into the studio and sort of flesh them out in there," Toro said. "We're always writing because we're dying to finish a new record."

"I feel so extremely confident in the direction we're moving in, because we made a great leap from [2002's] I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love, to Revenge, and that leap can be even greater now," Way continued. "I feel it moving in a very mature, big rock type of thing. It feels more direct and honest, and I'm very excited by it. I can't wait."

And since no My Chemical Romance story is complete without a video update, there's news on not one, but two upcoming clips. The band plans on shooting a video for "The Ghost of You," which is slated to be the third single off Revenge, as well as another clip, for "You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison," though Way is tight-lipped on details of both.

"I can't talk about what the videos are about," he laughed. "Though I can tell you that neither one will have any Broadway dancing in it, because that appeared in 'Helena.' It's old hat now."

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