Jadakiss Looking Forward To 'Airing 50 Cent's Ass Out'

LOX rapper says 50 Cent's dis track the best thing that could have happened to him.

Jadakiss is finally speaking out in response to 50 Cent's dis track "Piggy Bank," and he can barely keep from smiling.

"This is the best thing that could have ever happened to us," Kiss exclaimed Tuesday in New York about how he and his crew feel. "As long as we do it right, we can't go wrong from this. I can sell, I can make Styles' album double platinum alone just off this whole thing. My album sales for Kiss of Death is gonna start going up off this whole thing. It's just swinging the momentum our way, which we needed."

Jada said he wasn't surprised by "Piggy Bank" coming out because he has "spies" close to the G-Unit camp (see "50 Cent's LP Pushed Up, Harsh 'Facts' Sound Like Disses On Leaked 'Piggy Bank' "). He was, however, flabbergasted by what he called a weak lyrical showing by 50 on the song.

"When I heard 'Piggy Bank,' I was happy," Kiss laughed. "I felt way worse when I heard [Beanie] Sigel's [dis] record [a few years back]. 'Piggy Bank' was funny to me. He's gotta have something else. That can't be it, it's garbage! I guess it was just a jab. But the power punch I'm gonna give him, that wasn't the right arsenal to start off the fight with."

On "Piggy Bank," 50 does say the track is just a warning shot, and hints he has more barbs up his sleeve. Kiss says that battle rapping is nothing new to him and he'll gladly go back and forth for as long as 50 wants.

"I just want to benefit off it," Jada said. "I need Styles' album to benefit off it. That's where the real response is gonna be, but until then, I'mma give you a whole plate of hors d'oeuvres to live with until it comes. This is right up our alley, and I got nothing to lose. I'm still gonna sell 900,000 records, I still can go in any 'hood and I still get love from the people. This is just helping me out."

Much like Fat Joe told MTV News last week, Jada thinks that 50's "Piggy Bank" is just a publicity stunt. As for Jada's thoughts about Game being booted from the G-Unit for saying he was staying out of the "Piggy Bank" beef (see "50 Drops Game From G-Unit; Shots Fired At Radio Station"), the LOX rapper says 50's gone mad.

"I don't know what's wrong with 50," Kiss said. "But I thank him for the opportunity to [let me] air his ass out."

Jada will "air" 50 out, on wax, in just a few days — he plans to release a response track or two to the mixtape circuit. Styles' Time Is Money, meanwhile, should be out sometime this spring.

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