Twista And His Speedknot Mobstaz Bring 'Pimping Vibe' To New LP

Kanye West contributed to album; Twista also has a new solo LP in the works.

What good is success if you can't bring along the people who were down with you from the beginning? That's why Twista's following his hit album Kamikaze with one from his crew, the Speedknot Mobstaz. Their Mobstability II: Nation Business is coming out this spring.

"We're crew and we like to do music together, so regardless of what situation any of us is in, we are going to figure out a way that we can do it," Twista said. "It was only right to follow the tradition of how I came out with Adrenaline Rush [in 1997] and then we dropped Mobstability before I dropped another solo record. After Kamikaze was as successful as it was, it makes me and the brothers real confident about coming out with this new Mobstaz project. We got some real tight street stuff representing Chi-town coming out this year."

Twista first hooked up with his partners in rhyme, Liffy Stokes and Mayze, shortly before the release of his debut album, Adrenaline Rush, and the crew's chemistry comes across on several songs on the new album, including the pimp anthem "Church Bus on the Move."

"We call the rides that we're in when we're in a pimping vibe a 'church bus,' " Twista explained. "We're going city to city, state to state, kicking it with the females. 'C'mon and follow us/ Church bus on the move.' "

"And we got this other cut, 'All My People Say,' that my boy Toxic produced," he continued. "The reason we call it that is because it has a crazy Indian sample and we couldn't figure out what it says, so we just started saying, 'All my people say.' It's a crazy sample. We've got some real hot, creative stuff for this album."

In addition to Toxic, Mobstability II features production from both an A-list producer and some lesser-known talents.

"We've been getting a couple of beats from Kanye," said Stokes. "We got some stuff from our original producer, Trackz, who did the Adrenaline Rush album and Mobstability. We're also working with an up-and-coming producer, Tight Mike."

While Twista is currently working with the Mobstaz, he's also knee-deep in the follow-up to his most recent solo LP, Kamikaze. "I'm in the middle of it right now," he said. "We're shooting for May with the project, going right into the summer. I definitely want to try and have a repeat of the '04 as close as I can: I'm trying to work with some of the same people like Kanye West and R. Kelly, and get some of that same element going."

With the success of Kamikaze under his belt (see "Twista Blows Straight To Top Of Billboard Albums Chart"), Twista says he has a good feeling about his chances with the currently untitled set.

"I've never created an album with this much confidence," the MC said. "We were always trying to get on or trying to blow up. Now that it's happened, I see that we weren't crazy. We are making good music. So I can go with a little better swagger about myself and that will call for some real hot music. It's going to be off the hook."