Lindsay Lohan Finds Her Inner Rock Chick In New Video

Bedroom in 'Over' clip adorned with L7, Dead Kennedys posters.

Lindsay Lohan borrows a bit from the Oscar-winning 1999 movie "American Beauty" for her next video, "Over." She longs for the mistreated boy next door. She watches him through windows. But as the song's title suggests, their love can't be — so Lohan has to be satisfied with finding her inner rock chick instead.

Directed by Jake Nava (who also helmed Lohan's "Rumors"), the video follows Lohan as she sneaks peeks at her love interest, played by Drew Fuller ("Charmed"). Walking home, she sees him looking out of a window in his house as his mother sets the table behind him. Then his father comes up to him, and they begin to argue, violently. The curtains close and Lohan continues on to her house, next door to Fuller's, and runs up to her bedroom. Looking out her window, she sees that he is gazing back at her. (Click for photos from Lindsay's "Over" video.)

Inside Lohan's bedroom, we see that she's apparently just out of childhood and starting to experiment with rebellious adolescence. There are Teletubbies and stuffed pandas lying about, but also posters of L7, the Dead Kennedys and the famed New York punk club CBGB — which seem to indicate that she's heading in a new direction, and punk-boyish Fuller, with his black clothes and silver jewelry, may be part of it.

Fuller is a destructive person, though — in one scene, we see him destroying his father's car in the family garage. Lohan, on the other hand, just wants to rock out — and we see her doing just that, with her own little garage band. Another young life saved by music.