Eminem's Lawsuit Against The Source Going To Trial

Judge handed down ruling on Monday.

Eminem and The Source magazine will finally get to settle their beef ... at least in court, that is.

On Monday, New York federal court judge Gerald E. Lynch ruled that Slim Shady's copyright-infringement lawsuit against the hip-hop publication would go to trial.

The trial is the latest development in the ongoing war of words between Em and The Source owners Ray Benzino and Dave Mays. The suit itself stems from the magazine's release of excerpts of two of Eminem's early recordings where the rapper can be heard making offensive comments about black women (see "The Source Digs Up Tape Of Eminem Using Racial Slurs").

At first, Judge Lynch granted the rapper and his Shady Records an injunction that blocked The Source from releasing a CD with the freestyle (see "Judge Halts Distribution Of Eminem's Controversial Freestyle"). Less than a week later, however, Lynch lifted the injunction, ruling that the magazine could release a small portion of the track (see "Source Can Release Excerpts Of Eminem's Controversial Rap"). Eminem's lawyers appealed this decision.

"This case is about freedom of the press, freedom of speech and the way that he and Shady [Records] have tried to suppress those freedoms," Dave Mays said. "These guys are trying to use the courts and their finances to stop us from doing what every other press outlet does on a daily basis."

Representatives for Eminem and Shady Records declined to comment.

Ironically, Eminem has lately been talking about quashing beefs. In fact, the rapper said he was ready to settle all of his rivalries late last year (see "Eminem Hangs Up Beef, Refuses To Be A Pawn").