Lady Saw, Remy Martin Team Up To Really Get Your Man

Dancehall toaster nabs Terror Squad's first lady for 'I've Got Your Man' remix.

Despite the raunchy vibe of her hit single "I've Got Your Man," dancehall toaster Lady Saw wants you to know that she doesn't practice what she preaches.

"I wasn't the one who wrote the song," she said. "It was actually written by a man. The last time I mentioned his name on the radio, he wasn't too happy, so I won't mention it again. Anyway, he came to me and said he had this song and that I was the only person who could do it. I thought, 'OK, I'm the bad one. I can do this.' I knew I would have a lot of women hating on me afterwards, but I did it anyway."

For the single's red-hot remix, Lady Saw enlisted the help of the Terror Squad's first lady, Remy Martin.

"I met Remy Ma at a Source Awards pre-party in Miami," Lady Saw said. "I had wanted to get her on the track, but my label [VP Records] was telling me that she was charging all this money to do songs. So when I met her, I asked her myself. She said she didn't know who my label had been talking to. I told her I couldn't pay her that much because I wasn't big yet, and she agreed to do the song for free as long as I promised to do something on her solo album.

"After she recorded her verse, VP called me and played it for me over the phone," she added. "She killed it! I had to call her immediately and let her know that she mashed it up wicked."

While there is no talk yet of a video for the remix, director Kevin De Freitas helmed a clip for the single that features Lady Saw as a restaurateur by day and madam of sorts by night.

Like Sean Paul before her, Lady Saw said she had a plan to make "I've Got Your Man" the crossover success it is quickly becoming. "The thing about this song is that it's more English than patois," she explained. "Americans can understand the song better because there isn't as much patois. I did that to cross over.

"You will always have men who cheat and women who steal men," she added. "Once you have a song that stirs that kind of controversy, it is bound to blow. There were women requesting the song on the radio in Florida and dedicating it: 'This is Debbie, and I'm dedicating this to Carla because I got her man.' "

While Lady Saw says picking a follow-up single to "I've Got Your Man" is a ways off, she does have a few songs in mind from her current album, Strip Tease.

"I'm loving 'Strip Tease' right now," she said. "I'm envisioning a video that's real 'Coyote Ugly'-style with women dancing on a bar, soaking wet. I'm really feeling that."

There is also talk of "Dreaming of You" being the next single.

In addition to "I've Got Your Man," Lady Saw has also been putting in time as a featured artist. Many may remember her turn on No Doubt's "Underneath It All." Saw recently teamed with fellow dancehall artist Elephant Man for a remix of Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz's "What U Gon' Do."

"Willie Daniels at VP called me and told me that Jon wanted me to be on a remix and that Elephant Man was also going to take part," she said. "We were in California at the time, so they e-mailed an MP3 of the song to the studio and I just did it right there. Jon called me later that day and told me he loved it."

Lady Saw has also been featured on a remix of Rupee's "Tempted to Touch" (see "Rupee Educating People About The Temptations Of Soca"), and there's talk of a possible collaboration with Akon.

"I was supposed to listen to a new track from Alicia Keys, but I haven't received it yet," she said of other possible collabos. "People give me CDs every day. They may not all be known artists, but I get music all the time. So you never know where I'll pop up next."