Thong? Gravity-Defying Curls? Not Quite: A First Look At Aeon Flux

The Lycra catsuit still brings the skin-tight sexiness that made Aeon such a fanboy favorite all those years ago.

When "Aeon Flux" first flickered across late-night TV screens on MTV's "Liquid Television" back in 1991, the animated show was silent, violent, cryptic and kinky. Original episodes were essentially a study in two things: wanton violence (copious body counts and bloody shootouts aplenty) and bizarre fetishes (foot worship, long, slippery tongues and Aeon's skimpy leather outfits). Plot and continuity were not an issue. Annihilation and titillation were.

And when you take all that into consideration, it's not hard to see why the shorts became instant cult classics. Fast-forward more than a decade, and those cultists have taken to the Internet, setting chat rooms abuzz with speculation about the live-action film version of "Flux." The biggest question, of course, has been this: What will Aeon look like?

Now, that question has been answered.

While some costume changes have been made (sadly, Flux's leather thong failed to make the cut), the Lycra catsuit still brings the skin-tight sexiness that made Aeon such a fanboy favorite all those years ago. And to prove that the clothes don't necessarily make the woman, Charlize Theron — who stars as the badass assassin — dyed her hair jet black and underwent months of strength training to fill Aeon's shoes.

(Click here for photos of Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux.)

Fans of the original series will also notice that animated Aeon's famous, gravity-defying curls have been replaced with Theron's hip, asymmetrical 'do. Well, aside from the fact that Flux's hair could be replicated by no mortal hairstylist, screenwriter Phil Hay said that changing Flux's hair was a conscious decision.

"Her hair was a huge challenge for us. Because everyone remembers those curls. And we wanted to have them in the film in some way, but we wanted to make them more human," he said. "And I love how it turned out. It's sexy and real, but still fantastic and animated."

Director Karyn Kusama (who helmed 2000's indie fave "Girlfight") is currently shooting the film in Berlin (see "Set Visit: 'Aeon Flux'" ). "Aeon Flux" is due in theaters next year.

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