If You're Into Ice Sculptures, Simple Plan Are Not The Band For You

Clip for 'Shut Up' sees band wreaking havoc at catered affair.

Simple Plan have no respect for ice sculptures.

In their video for "Shut Up," which shoots this week, the bandmembers try to play to a crowd that doesn't know, understand or appreciate them, while wreaking a little havoc at a hotel banquet along the way.

When Simple Plan show up for the gig, by all appearances they're somewhat out of place, according to the treatment for the video, to be directed by Erik White (see "Simple Plan 'Shut Up' Naysayers, Work To Keep Longtime Fans"). The bandmembers walk side by side down the block in an upscale neighborhood, drawing stares from the country-club residents. They arrive at a fancy Four-Seasons-like hotel, where the valets, doormen and guests act as if they're dangerous or contagious, quickly getting out of their way.

Seemingly none the wiser, Simple Plan go straight through the lobby to the brightly lit ballroom, where they take the stage, as more guests drop their champagne glasses in shock. As the bandmembers really get into their performance, jumping off tables and smashing ice sculptures, a roadie/manager runs in and tries to get them to stop, telling them that this is the wrong address — and the wrong crowd.

The film then suddenly starts to unwind, until colors are muted, shadows are longer, the upscale ballroom is gone and the genteel folk are replaced by punk kids. Simple Plan are now onstage in a hole-in-the-wall rock club that looks like something out of the movie "Fight Club," bouncing with the crowd. The last choruses surge as the band finally realizes the message of the song — to shut out those who don't get it and find those who do.