Usher, Ludacris, Lil Jon Back On Radio With 'Lovers & Friends'

More collabos in the works, including possible Best of Both Worlds-style album.

"Please tell your lovers and friends that Urrsher, Jon and Luda had to do it again."

The trio behind "Yeah!" are beginning to lock things down on the radio once again, this time with a Lil Jon-produced ballad called "Lovers & Friends." The record, a cut off of Jon's Crunk Juice LP (see "Lil Jon's Crunk Juice Finalized; Usher, Luda, Nas, Snoop, Chris Rock On Board"), has not yet been officially released as a single, but it's proving to be one of those special songs that DJs across the country are unanimously endorsing, playing it on their own because it feels like a hit.

If everything works out, we'll be hearing a lot more from the ATL-bred threesome. Although no deal is signed, Luda and Usher have been in talks to record a Best of Both Worlds-style album, and guess who's been slated to provide some tracks?

"Yeah, we've sat down and had a discussion about it," Luda said recently in New York. "Of course, you know that both myself and Usher are very, very busy. It's going to be hard, but we're trying to make this happen for real. Lil Jon gave us a couple tracks. Nothing is done all the way yet, but we're trying to get it moving. I think the fans will be the real push. As long as they keep pushing us to do it, we have no choice but to do it."

When jokingly prodded about whether he foresaw the same problems Jay-Z and R. Kelly faced when they went out on the road together (see "R. Kelly Sues Jay-Z For $75 Million, Claims Sabotage"), Luda laughed it off.

"This is a different situation," he said. "We haven't agreed on a tour yet. Just an album."

Luda's solo album, The Red Light District, is due December 7 (see "Ludacris LP Salutes Austin Powers, Takes Aim At Bill O'Reilly").

"We keep talking about consistency and longevity — each album I have to give another piece of myself," Cris said of the project. "You start getting bored of doing the same thing over and over again, so it caused me to do a lot of experimenting with this album — with my voice, with my flow, with lyrics. That being said, it's just different because I'm going in a lot of different directions, and I'm really getting personal with my life, with my family and everybody who wants to know more about me. You have to give them more and more each time around, so this time it's just coming out."