Darkness Frontman's Horrifyingly Bad Wound Actually Quite Tiny

Erroneous press reports claimed injury was severe enough to jeopardize tour.

The Darkness' Justin Hawkins is already known for his soaring heavy metal falsetto, but much like the element Osmium — the heaviest metal of them all — he's also nearly indestructible.

Over the weekend, reports began to surface that the spindly singer/guitarist had smashed his right hand through a stained-glass window after being punched in the face by a drunken attacker, and that the Darkness' U.K. tour — which was scheduled to start on November 24 — was in serious jeopardy as a result.

According to British publications the Daily Mirror and the New Musical Express, Hawkins was rushed to London's Princess Grace Hospital late Saturday night, where doctors worked to repair severed tendons in his hand. He reportedly received "dozens" of stitches and needed at least six weeks to heal. And with Hawkins' hand on the mend, the publications said that the Darkness would be forced to employ the services of a stand-in guitarist for their tour.

But it was Hawkins himself who put those rumors to rest, assuring fans that they need not worry about missing any of his white-hot guitar licks at the Darkness' shows. On the band's official Web site, he was quoted as saying that he "accidentally cut his hand," but "everything is fine, and the tour is in absolutely no danger of being canceled."

The statement went on to urge fans not to be alarmed by "the rumors that Justin may not be able to play guitar on the Darkness' upcoming U.K. tour. We can confirm reports this weekend that ... Justin Hawkins has sustained a slight injury to his right hand, but will be fine to wield his axe before kicking off their winter tour starting this month. There was no altercation as was alleged in certain sections of the press. Justin is able to play his guitar with his usual flair."