Justin Timberlake Tees Off In Tiger Woods Golf Game

Singer transformed into Hustler for latest 'PGA Tour' installment.

Justin Timberlake has little competition when it comes to dancefloor moves. But how many J.T. fans recognize his prowess when it comes to teeing off?

Timberlake lends both his likeness and his actual swing to a character in "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005," the seventh installment of the popular golfing video game, which hits stores September 21. The Hustler, a suave, cocky and composed links shark, was designed directly under Timberlake's supervision, right down to his gray two-tone suit, white-banded fedora and tough-guy scar under his left eye.

Earlier this summer, Timberlake donned a motion-capture suit so the Hustler's approach, address and swing were identical to his own. But the real difference between him and the other pros — including contemporaries like Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh and John Daly as well as all-time greats such as Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer — are his celebratory dance moves and signature shot: a smug look-away putt. The black eight ball he uses in place of the traditional dimpled white one only punctuates his cool.

The Hustler is one of several playable characters unlocked by defeating them in the My Legend Pursuit career mode. Other new features of the latest game include a customizable swing, 20 unique courses from around the world and the capacity to Tiger-proof them by adjusting fairway widths, wind velocity and green speeds.

Outkast's "The Way You Move" is used as the game's opening theme song, while DJ/producer BT composed the original in-game music.