From California, It's Xzibit's 'Saturday Night Live'

Video promises to 'present the West Coast in a very new manner.'

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — With the first single from his new record, Xzibit is almost certainly guaranteeing himself a coveted television appearance this fall.

The song is called "Saturday Night Live."

Produced by Jelly Roll (Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss) and featuring Krondon from Xzibit protégés Strong Arm Steady, the tune isn't an ode to Lorne Michaels but it should still liven up the show's crowd.

"It's a real feel-good track," X said recently. "It's what you play on your way to the club and what you play when you get into the club and what you play after you're leaving the club on the way to the house."

"Saturday Night Live" will be featured on Xzibit's fifth album, Weapons of Mass Destruction, due October 26 on Sony Urban Records.

"I'm executive-producing this record and it's 15 banging tracks," X said. "We've got a lot of good production on there. I've got my team on there, Strong Arm Steady. And Busta Rhymes got down on there. It's a really strong album and I'm very, very excited about putting it out."

Xzibit is shooting the video for "Saturday Night Live" in a few weeks, although that's all he's saying about the clip.

"I'm not gonna spoil it before it's done, because all video treatments look kinda the same, but it's gonna be nice," he said. "We gonna present the West Coast in a very new manner. We haven't been out in the forefront in a long time, so it's just time to have some fun with it and show how we do it on the West Side."

Since the release of 2002's Man Vs. Machine, Xzibit's profile has widened significantly thanks to his car-remake show, "Pimp My Ride." Earlier this year he appeared on "CSI: Miami," and he's currently shooting "XXX 2: The State of the Union" with Ice Cube and Samuel L. Jackson.

"It's the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me," X said of the movie. "I play Zeke, I'm one of Ice Cube's homeboys/ weapons specialists, so you should see me get my chops up. It's going really well."