Nelly's Double Dose Features Mase, X-tina And ... Tim McGraw?

Jaheim also among guests on September 17's Sweat and Suit.

Believe it or not, Nelly's two upcoming LPs — Sweat and Suit — almost had another album accompanying them.

The gold-toothed St. Louis slugger recorded so much material, he actually contemplated putting out three albums at once before changing his mind. He's still on track for a double dose on September 14.

His song with Jaheim, "My Place," is exploding on radio, and "Flap Your Wings" is still holding its own in the clubs (see "Tail Feathers Sore? Time To 'Flap Your Wings,' Nelly Says"). Nelly is in the midst of plotting his next move, which could entail putting out a cut currently on Sweat's track listing (it could flip-flop to Suit) called "Tilt 'Cha Head Back" as another single in the coming weeks. That record features Christina Aguilera and samples the beat from "Superfly."


Click to enlarge images of Nelly's Sweat and Suit album covers

"I know exactly what's on your mind," Chrissy sexily sings to Nelly on the track, before revealing that she has "a little something" for him. Nelly sings too, responding with a question: "Can I get a little bit?"

Other guests on Sweat include Stephen Marley on "River Don't Run," Terror Squad's Fat Joe and Remy Martin on "Grand Hangout," and Mobb Deep on a song with a title that is still unconfirmed. Nelly's much-discussed joint venture with Mase, "In My Life," appears on Suit (see "Nelly Explains The Fine Line Between Sweat And Suit").

Mase comes on the track talking, telling the people in the studio to turn the mic up and keep the lights on because he hasn't been here in five years. Later, Mase raps that he wants to "teach women what they on this earth for," and that's to be loved.

Love don't live here anymore on "Over and Over," which features Nelly's most unexpected guest star on the two LPs, country star Tim McGraw. Nelly and McGraw croon their hearts out about losing loves to other men. "I can't keep picturing you with him," McGraw sings.

Nelly's heart may be in need of mending on wax, but his pockets are doing just as well as they've ever been. He's raking in funds from Tinseltown, already filming a remake of "The Longest Yard" in Mexico (see "Nelly To Join Adam Sandler, Chris Rock In 'The Longest Yard' "). And there may just be another movie on the horizon for him after that one wraps. Nelly's also been telling his camp he wants to go on tour early next year.