Want A Glimpse Of 'Batman Begins'?

First trailer focuses on early stages of Batman storyline.

You've seen his ride, you've seen his black suit, and now you can finally see how it all comes together ... sort of.

Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for its upcoming return to the Batman franchise, "Batman Begins." After the steady release of a handful of still images (which feature Batman along with his allies, foes and Batmobile), the trailer finally gives fans a taste of what they'll see when he swings into action next year. The trailer first appeared exclusively on the film's official Web site (at batmanbegins.com), but has since been released to numerous outlets — you can see it yourself here.

The film, currently shooting with director Christopher Nolan ("Memento," "Insomnia") at the helm, chronicles millionaire Bruce Wayne's transformation into Batman and his first days as a masked vigilante. The trailer focuses on the early stages of the Batman storyline, introducing us to a boyhood Bruce grieving for his parents. There is also a glimpse of trusted man-servant Alfred, flashes of star Christian Bale in the Batsuit, and — of course — a whole lot of talk about vengeance.

Fans were first teased with images of the new Batmobile (see "The New (Old?) Batmobile: Think Urban-Assault Dune Buggy"), then were treated to shots of Bale crouching in his new Batsuit (see "Meet The New Batman: Bigger, Blacker And Ready For Action").

"Batman Begins" is currently shooting in Iceland with Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Katie Holmes, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman and Ken Watanabe (see " 'Batman Begins' Filming In Iceland With Gary Oldman On Board As Young Commish"). The production will eventually move on to London and Chicago, and the film is expected to hit theaters in the summer of 2005.

View the trailer here.

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