Nelly Explains The Fine Line Between Sweat And Suit

Two new albums will have two simultaneous singles and videos.

Normally, Nelly can knock out an LP in a couple of weeks and be on his merry way. But when working on his upcoming double opus — the two halves of which together create the title Sweatsuit — he took some extra time. Thus, Nells had to push the release date back a month.

"That was to make sure everything was right," Nelly explained earlier this week, minutes after a performance with Murphy Lee at the "TRL" Beach House. "It wasn't that long ago that I decided to drop two albums. I went in [to the studio] to do one album and everything was coming out crazy, stuff was steadily coming out and sounding good. I was thinking of more and more stuff, and we came up with the two-album thing.

"The Sweat side is more up-tempo, I would say real energetic. The Suit side is more of a grown-up and sexy vibe. It's more melodic, if you can think of certain songs like 'Dilemma' and 'Ride Wit Me.' Something like 'Hot in Herre' would be on the Sweat side."

Despite Nelly referring to his double album as having two "sides," it's really two different albums coming out on the same day: September 14 (see "Tail Feathers Sore? Time To 'Flap Your Wings,' Nelly Says"). "You buy them separately," he noted. "You may just like one side, [but] the goal is that you'll like the whole Sweatsuit. But you know, whatever you like from Nelly is cool. Fortunately, enough people have been supporting me on both sides of my music, from the slower ones to the up-tempo, fast club-bangers. I'm trying to give people some of everything."

Nelly has two singles and two videos coming, one for each new album. The Neptunes-produced "Flap Your Wings" leads off Sweat, while "My Place," which features Jaheim, is Suit's initial cut.

"It was crazy," Nelly beamed about working with the Neptunes again. "Like I always said, I was fortunate enough to know the Neptunes before I had a record deal. [Working with them] is something that I've always been wanting to do, before I had a contract. Pharrell is my dirty. [And on 'My Place'], Jaheim, the brother can sing. I just needed that vibe. He was perfect to do it. The videos [are] gonna kinda connect: You'll see 'To be continued' and pick up where you left off."

After Sweatsuit, Nelly hopes to put out a St. Lunatics group LP at the top of 2005. "We're waiting on a surprise — if it comes through, it'll be big," he said.

He's also got a movie he wants to shoot, and in the meantime, fellow Lunatic Kyjuan is going to continue to shoot music videos (his latest, Murphy Lee's "Hold Up," is on the airwaves now), and Ali will soon record a separate group album with the Goodie Mob's Big Gipp.