Ja Rule Turns To R. Kelly With His Lady Problems

On 'I Wonder,' the Inc. rapper questions his woman's motives.

Though talk of Nas signing to Ja Rule's Murder Inc. proved to be just talk, it hasn't stopped the two slang hurlers from collaborating. Nas is one of many guests scheduled to appear on Ja's upcoming R.U.L.E. Due August 17, R.U.L.E. also features Trick Daddy and previously announced guests Mary J. Blige and Ashanti. Its tracks "R.U.L.E." and "Caught Up" have already hit mixtapes and have enjoyed moderate airplay, and a new Ja number called "I Wonder" premiered on Hot 97 in New York last week. The likely first single features R. Kelly, whose 2003 LP, Chocolate Factory, featured Ja.

On their new record, the Pied Piper helps Ja wonder aloud whether his girl would still want to be with him if he didn't have his riches. "If it wasn't for the money, cars, the home, the jewels, the bags the shows ... I wonder," Kelly sings before Ja finishes the thought, also singing: "If she'd still be wanting me, still be calling me, still be loving me."

Elsewhere on the track he brags, "Ma, I got money to burn on feet nails, weaves and perms/ Bed and Beyond and Bath & Body Works/ ... My pockets look like I was carrying midgets." Just a thought, but maybe if Ja didn't approach his chicks like a thugged-out Daddy Warbucks, he wouldn't have to ponder whether their allegiance lies with him or his wealth.

No doubt by the end of the summer he'll have some more change to put in his piggy bank. Rule is currently filming a remake of "Assault on Precinct 13" with Laurence Fishburne (see "Ja Rule Getting Pointers From Ving Rhames, Laurence Fishburne"), and he's trying to map out tour plans.

Even without a road trip solidified, Ja will stay visible in the next few months. He and fellow Incsters Ashanti (who just started work on a new album) and Lloyd (a newcomer with a debut due in July) are signing up for a gaggle of radio shows throughout the country.

Ja's spokesperson said R.U.L.E.'s first video should be done next month.