Lil' Flip Plans To Flip The Script, Do Series Of Joint LPs

Prolific rapper wants to team with David Banner, Luda, E-40.

Lil' Flip has shown that all by himself he's capable of pumping out more music than most rap cliques. Houston's freestyle king explained that most of his albums are doubles because he makes nearly two dozen songs during every studio session.

"Since my independent album, The Leprechaun, I've been dropping doubles," Flip said. "I go to the studio and drop 20 tracks a day. Half of the stuff I put on mixtapes, half of the stuff I put on the album. It's hard [to decide which songs to put where]. One time I went in the studio to record a mixtape and I recorded songs [for my album]. 'Bounce,' 'Rags 2 Riches.' ... I listened to them again like, 'You know what, I gotta put it on the album.' I'll listen to the track 100 times before I make my decisions."

You'd better soak up all the solo Lil' Flip records you can now. One of rap's most prolific hustlers, Flip said he only has three more solo projects that he'll put out, all within the next three years. After that, he's only doing the group thing.

"When I turn my last [solo] album in, instead of trying to come back, I'mma switch up the game and do albums with different people," Flip divulged. "That's gonna be history. I'm gonna be the first person to go do a album with E-40, do an album with Ludacris, do an album with Cam'ron. Just go around doing albums with people."

The first of Flip's tag-team albums will probably come this year in the form of a collaboration with David Banner. The two have recorded three keepers for the LP so far.

"We gonna be the down South version of Redman and Method Man," Flip said with a rare smile. "We're gonna make it big. Right now we're going with the [title of] Mr. Crunk and Mr. Laid Back. When we do tracks together, I bring the best out of him and he brings the best out of me."

Flip, who launched a line of liquor earlier this month called Lucky Nites — "It tastes like pineapples, it's 98 proof, it'll knock you out and you'll have a lucky night," he promised with a laugh — is figuring his summer tour schedule.

Flip said he wants to go back to his schedule of just a few years ago, when he would perform three shows a day (one for the little kids, a skating rink for the teenagers and clubs for the adults) for up to $1,500 a pop. These days, he joked, he's been doing the Call Me And I'll Show Up Tour.

The next single from Flip's U Gotta Feel Me is "Sunshine." He'll shoot a video for the clip in about two weeks.