50 Cent Is An Old Softie After All

Rapper sends goodies to fans mugged outside one of his shows.

50 Cent now has a story that could soften his hardened street image.

Two teenage girls, ages 15 and 16, were robbed of their chance to see the superstar in concert when they were mugged outside the Winnipeg Arena in Canada two weeks ago. Along with their money, the two girls had their tickets taken from them by the two suspects.

But last week, the girls got another surprise: a goodie bag from 50 Cent himself. Upon hearing of the incident, the rapper, through the Canadian division of his record label, sent the girls a bunch of 50 Cent merchandise, including autographed CDs, posters and T-shirts. A representative for the record company confirmed the story, saying that it was a local radio station that originally tipped them off to the incident.

Winnipeg police said that two suspects, sisters ages 13 and 14, were apprehended shortly after the mugging took place.

50 Cent and the G-Unit just wrapped up their brief Canadian tour.