The New (Old?) Batmobile: Think Urban-Assault Dune Buggy

Latest ride sports cruder look than its polished predecessors.

If Batman has taught the world anything during his 65 years of service, it's that you can't fight crime without a kick-ass set of wheels.

Sticking to that ethos, the people behind the upcoming "Batman Begins" have found their Batmobile. Images of the latest incarnation of the legendary ride have been released by Warner Bros., the studio that will roll out the flick next year. (Click for photos of Batman's new ride.)

"Batman Begins" focuses on Bruce Wayne's first days as his Batman alter ego, and the Batmobile revealed definitely sports a cruder look more in line with an urban-assault vehicle than its polished cinematic predecessors. Four thick, battle-ready tires are mounted on the rear axle, while two relatively smaller tires ride low in the front, bringing to mind a jet-powered, armor-plated dune buggy.

Actor Christian Bale is currently putting the new Batmobile through its paces in Iceland, where he is filming "Batman Begins" with Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Katie Holmes, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman and Ken Watanabe (see " 'Batman Begins' Filming In Iceland With Gary Oldman On Board As Young Commish"). Director Christopher Nolan will eventually take his production to London and Chicago, and he hopes to have the film in theaters in the summer of 2005.