Fozzy Get Crunk With Bone Crusher On New Album

Group discovers that rappers and wrestlers can be kindred spirits.

NEW YORK — Oh yeah: WWE Superstars and Divas know about shaking it like a Polaroid picture. Every Monday and Thursday, we get to see at least a couple of them wringing each other's necks like Homer Simpson does Bart's. But just days before WrestleMania XX in New York, the grapplers were in full Andre 3000 mode.

"Shake it, shake it, sh-sh-shake it ..." sang WWE Divas Stacie Keibler and Lita, who were seated with Chris Jericho in the studios of Westwood Radio. The ladies were imitating the Outkast member, hand gestures and all. Jericho, who is much more laid-back away from the camera than his on-air persona Y2J, was even inspired to join in.

"You getting crunk! I got my crunk juice — listening to Lil Jon — with the horny goat weed," Jericho laughed.

When Jericho isn't promoting WWE events or plotting the downfall of his former best friend Christian and love interest Trish Stratus as part of the "Raw Is War" storylines, we all know him as Moongoose McQueen, self-loving leader of the rock group Fozzy (see "WWE's Chris Jericho Explains Fozzy's Metal Legacy"). Jericho and his bandmates Rich Ward (a.k.a. Duke LaRue), Bud Fontsere (a.k.a. KK LaFlame) Keith "Watty" Watson and Billy Grey (or as the group calls him, Miles Biscuit) have started to record their next LP, All That Remains, in Atlanta.

While down in the A, the group will be hooking up with another heavyweight who knows about cracking bones and getting crunk.

"There's obviously a lot of guys in the rock and roll world we're gonna play with," Jericho said. "Zakk Wylde who plays for Ozzy [is going to be on the album]. And we're actually gonna do a track with Bone Crusher. He's gonna lay down some vocals for us in Atlanta. The guys that I play with [Ward and Fontsere] were in a band called Stuck Mojo, which was one of the first metal bands in the '90s, so they've always had that edge. They wrote a song that had some really cool parts for us to lay down some good freestyle rap, and Bone Crusher was available."

The WWE grapplers have learned over the years that their world doesn't differ too much from the hip-hop community.

"We were at [Jay-Z's] 40/40 Club when we did a Def Jam party," Lita, who says she was the first in the locker room to play Chingy's music, explained. "It's fun to hang out with people that you don't think you have a lot in common with, but with our lives being on the go and them being on the go, you find out you have a lot in common with them, just lifestyle-wise."

"People know us just as we know them," Jericho marveled. "You would never expect. I was in Vegas, Spike TV did a videogame awards show and DMX was there. He performed a song that was pretty kick-ass; I'm not huge fan but watching him play was cool. Then in the hallway, we're passing each other, he had a huge entourage and he saw me and was like, 'Hey Jericho!' It's good to know that rockers, football players, hockey players, we all appreciate each other."