Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst Sign On For Cameron Crowe's 'Elizabethtown'

Director's new romantic comedy slated to hit theaters summer 2005.

After blowing audience's minds with 2001's "Vanilla Sky," writer and director Cameron Crowe is planning to warm their hearts as he did with earlier films like Say Anything ...

Next year, Crowe will return with "Elizabethtown," a romantic comedy that will star Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. Shooting will begin this summer and the film should be in theaters in the summer of 2005.

"It's about a guy who, on the eve of an incredible fiasco and failure, decides to kill himself," Crowe said. "[But instead,] he takes a trip back to his old hometown in Kentucky and gets broadsided by life. And laughter ensues."

During the film, the misfortune-plagued man, Drew Baylor (played by Bloom), meets a flight attendant named Claire Colburn (Dunst) while trying to fulfill the last wishes of his deceased father. The two fall in love and Baylor discovers a new reason for living.

The score for "Elizabethtown" is being written by Crowe's wife, Nancy Wilson of the band Heart. Wilson wrote the songs for the fictional band Stillwater in Crowe's 2000 movie, "Almost Famous."

"She'll do all the incidental stuff [for 'Elizabethtown']," Crowe said. "She's really the full-time musician in the family. We wrote some music together for Stillwater, but this one's all her. For the soundtrack, we'll have a lot of great records, which we'll surprise you with down the line."