"20 Million Loud" Launches Today




MTV.com to present First Ever Online "PRE-Lection" Where Young Adults

Cast Their Votes for President in a Simulated, National Election

New York, NY/Los Angeles, CA – January 14, 2004 – MTV: Music Television today announced the official launch of the "Choose or Lose 2004" campaign to help mobilize more than 20 million young adults aged 18 to 30 to vote in the 2004 election. Dubbed "20 Million Loud," this call to action has been adopted as an achievable goal by MTV’s "Choose or Lose 2004" and a diverse coalition of innovative youth organizations, including Rock the Vote, Hip-Hop Team Vote, WWE’s Smackdown Your Vote!, New Voters Project, Declare Yourself, and more than 100 organizations in the Youth Vote Coalition.

Throughout the year, "Choose or Lose 2004" and its partners will conduct a series of high-profile, high-impact events on-air, online, and off-air kicking off with two MTV News specials: "Diary: Gideon in Iraq" airing today, January 14th and "Louder Now!" airing on February 2nd, and culminating in the fall with MTV’s first-ever national, online "PRE-Lection" in which young adults will cast their vote and declare their choice for President of the United States.

"The political and social environment of the past three years has created an amazingly active and informed group of young voters with issues ranging from the war on terror and the US involvement in Iraq to education and the economy," said Van Toffler, President, MTV & MTV2. "The goal of ‘Choose or Lose 2004’ and ’20 Million Loud’ is to give this enormous pool of potential voters the tools they need to make informed choices, get involved in the political process, and become motivated to make the ultimate choice in our democracy."

In the 2000 presidential election nearly 18 million people aged 18-30 voted, representing nearly 16% of total voters. The common misperceptions are that young people are not involved in the political process and will not turn out to vote in November. "20 Million Loud" and "Choose or Lose 2004" will work throughout the year to motivate, inform, educate, activate and bring to the polls this diverse group of Americans, all the while refuting the conventional wisdom associated with their behavior. 20 million votes are up for grabs in November 2004 – in 2000 the young adult vote was split almost equally between the Democrats and Republicans – so it is ultimately up to the politicians and political parties to appeal to this powerful bloc.

Originally launched in 1992, "Choose or Lose" is MTV’s comprehensive pro-social campaign to inform young adults about the political process, voice their most urgent political concerns, compel leading Presidential candidates to address those concerns, and mobilize massive numbers of young adults aged 18-30 to register and vote. In 2004, MTV’s "Choose or Lose" on-air and off-air programming will include regular news segments, issue-based specials, candidate interviews, primary and convention coverage and grass-roots events, and will culminate with an election night wrap-up.

"Choose or Lose 2004" will also present an exclusive online "PRE-Lection" through MTV.com in October 2004. This simulated, secure online election will allow registered young adults to vote for President. In registering to vote online for the PRE-Lection, users will be able to register to vote in their home states to be able to vote in the 2004 election.

"Our campaign will actively work to dispel a number of misconceptions about young people in America," said Dave Sirulnick, EVP, News and Production, MTV. "’20 Million Loud’ will serve as a call to action to prove that young people are not apathetic and actually vote in large numbers for candidates from both parties. This is a group of voters that can swing elections and must be taken seriously in 2004."

MTV.com will allow users to register to vote in their home states, get information on the candidates and a number of issues, join online forums to actively discuss those issues, get involved on a local level, reach out to candidates, and connect with MTV’s partner organizations. MTV.com, in partnership with MeetUp.com and Rock the Vote, will help to organize monthly local "Meetups" on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm that will help young people get involved in their local political process, discuss the issues, and help register voters.

MTV’s "Choose or Lose 2004" will strategically partner with a number of organizations to achieve the shared goal of "20 Million Loud". Rock the Vote will serve as the campaign’s online and primary grassroots voter registration partner, in continuation of their longstanding partnership with MTV. Other partners will include the Youth Vote Coalition, the Hip-Hop Team Vote, WWE’s Smackdown Your Vote!, Meetup.com, Project Vote Smart, National Council of La Raza, Black Youth Vote, Youth Service America, the New Voters Project, Youth Venture, CIRCLE Research, the NAACP, Harvard University Institute of Politics, and a diverse group of more than 100 other youth voting organizations.

Cingular Wireless is the primary sponsor of "Choose or Lose 2004" and will help to enable young people to vote in the MTV "PRE-Lection" both online and via their wireless device.

MTV reaches over 85 million homes across the US, and in 2003 was the number one rated cable network for young adults 18-34, making the past year the highest rated in its history.

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