Uncle Kracker To Bring The Bliss On Third Solo Album

Kid Rock to guest, pair to hit road with Twisted Brown Trucker Band on January 22.

LOS ANGELES — Turns out that Uncle Kracker’s no stranger
to joy, either.

While 2002′s No Stranger to Shame, featuring the melancholy
smash single “Drift Away,” lived up to its title, Stranger‘s
follow-up will flip the mood.

“I’m gonna have a little more fun this time around,” Kracker said
recently. “The last record wasn’t so fun, but this record will be,
whether I like it or not.”

Kracker spent a few weeks in December in the studio and plans to work on
the album until January 22, when the Twisted Brown Trucker Band will
launch its latest tour with Kid Rock in Michigan. The DJ’s
as-yet-untitled third solo album will be released in summer or fall. On June 3, he will join country star Kenny Chesney’s Guitars, Tiki Bars + A Whole Lotta Love Tour through September 10, visiting mostly outdoor venues.

“I go in with a couple of ideas and then do everything else kinda on
the fly, whatever feels good that day,” Kracker said of his approach to

Rock will stop by for some studio sessions, but where the music will
end up is anyone’s guess. Besides their respective solo careers, Rock
and Kracker have also been working on a much-discussed side project
(see “Uncle Kracker, Kid Rock Make Like Bungled Beasties On Side

“We were working on this other [Butthole Surfers'] Locust Abortion
Mr. Bungle-y kinda stuff, but it probably will never
see the light of day,” Kracker said. “But it’s fun.”

Between both of their studios, Kracker believes he and Rock are
sitting on hundreds of unheard songs.

“What ends up on my records is ridiculous compared to what’s sitting
around,” he said. “There’s so much, it’s almost a shame. But I think
our kids, or somebody, will dig it later on.”

Still, Rock recently discussed another Kracker-related side project.

“We would like to make an old-school hip-hop record,” he said, “that
fun old-school hip-hop I used to enjoy as a kid. Who knows when that’ll
happen? But I hope it does.”

Would that project have any guest producers or rappers?

“Kracker talked about getting this great producer, Kid Rock, for the
record,” Rock deadpanned. “Then I talked about this great songwriter,
Uncle Kracker. We thought we’d get those guys. Am I talking about
myself in third person? Yes I am.”